Red star special 9th july 2017


Hey! Anyone doing the red star special trip that starts on the 9th of july 2017? I just booked the trip today and am a solo traveller, im wondering who else is doing this trip. So excited! :slight_smile:


Jenna! Hi! Yes i am booked in for this too!! Im also a solo traveller :slight_smile: Where are you from?


I’m Kathryn by the way haha


Hi Kathryn! I’m from Newcastle, what about you?:blush:


Awesome :slight_smile: im from Mount Gambier, at the bottom of SA! Im so excited for this trip, so far away though!


Oh cool! I’m so excited but still have so long :sob:


i know haha! hopefully time the time will fly! Is this your first solo trip?


yeah first time solo, I did a tour at the start of the year around Europe with a friend but wanna try on my own


Cool! was it amazing? I went to Italy last year with family but never travelled solo overseas. Im sure we will have a blast :stuck_out_tongue: Add me on facebook if you want! :grin:


it was sooo good! Loved every second of it! So excited to go back! You will love doing a tour especially topdeck they are epic! okay I’ll add you now :blush::blush:


Hi I’m also on this trip :slight_smile:


Hello :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m traveling solo too on the Northern Exposure trip starting on the 9th of July.



Awesome! come join on fb, link above xx


The link above is your profile. Is that the one you’re referring to?