Red Star Special 7th Aug - 12th Sep 2016


Hey there :smile:

Just wondering if there’s anyone doing the Red Star Special starting on the 7th Aug 2016! I’m traveling alone and would love to meet anyone on this tour. Can’t wait!!!



I’m doing the Northern Exposure trip which is the first 22 days of the Red Star. I’m also travelling alone. I’ve already done a Topdeck trip by myself and found it to be so much fun and everyone was really friendly.



Hey all! :slight_smile:

I was about to make a new topic for this but then found this one! I just booked on this trip! Paid in full today. Excited, but don’t really know what to expect. Going to Scandinavia was a last minute decision as my original plan of Middle East and Africa got canned as it is too hot there now. I will be seeing 7 new countries on this trip which brings my tally to 57. Ill prob slow it down a little after this as the hip pocket needs to recover haha. I do hope that one day ill reach 100 countries. See yas on the trip! :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I’m doing the 7th aug - 12th sep Red Star Special too and am also travelling alone :slight_smile: so excited not long now!!


Woo! I have been looking up pics and have to say, this will prob be the best trip for scenery! I’m blown away just by the pics.

Where is everyone from? I’m from Melbourne Australia :blush:


Hi there,

I am a solo traveler from Aus as well! Doing the Northern Exposure part of this trip. Excited to meet everybody!!



I’m really jealous Dave, sounds like you have had some amazing travels, you will have to share stories during the trip.

I’m originally from Melbourne Australia but am moving to England in a couple of days.

Tilly, I’m also doing the Northern Exposure part. I’m a little sad I wasn’t able to do the the whole trip but ours still sounds so amazing.



Awesome stuff! Yep the great thing about travelling is meeting new people and sharing each other travel experiences :blush: So I know there are many tours in our trip but not sure which ones. How long is Northern Exposure? I think there is a trip called Russia Scandi also. I did a 65 G Adventures tour in South America last year and that was 4 tours back to back! So plenty of hellos and goodbyes :smile:


The Northern Exposure is 22 days long. We start in Berlin with you guys and then finish in Estonia. I think there is another one or two other trips as well. I like trips like that as it means there are always new people to meet but at the same time it means that you are always saying goodbye to people which is sad. I was so amazed with my last trip that everyone gets so close so quickly.


Yeah tours are great like that! I’m in the process of getting my Russian visa. Boy it is intense! They ask so many questions and even have to list all the countries you’ve been to in the last 10 years. I’ve been to 50 and was thankful it only takes 30 max. I was going to send it myself but now can’t be bothered and will just pay the courier 50 bucks and have peace of mind. Damn countries and their visas haha.


Visas while great can be such a pain to fill in. I’ve just been through the process with my UK visa and they want to know every thing. Thankfully I haven’t been to quite so many countries so that part was a little easier. Would be very cool to be in Russia. I’m disappointed that I didn’t have enough time or money to do the whole tour. You guys are going to have so much fun in Russia!


Hey guys,

I’m a solo traveler from NZ whose also moving to England straight after the trip finishes. I’m booked in for the red star special and arriving in Berlin on the evening of Saturday 6th of August. I was wondering if anyone else would be in Berlin on Sunday 7th August in the morning? Our tour doesn’t start till 5pm so I thought it would be cool to meet up and explore Berlin?


Hey, I’m also getting in the night before. It would be great to catch up beforehand. I was in Berlin in January and saw a few places but am happy to see it again. Plus I’ve just moved to England, although Australian not Kiwi.


I’ll be in Zurich seeing a Swiss mate before Berlin. But I’ll be arriving on the Saturday. So it’ll be great to see the sights with some peeps :blush:


Perfect! I was having a look at the Berlin Dungeon which looks like a good laugh. There is a show at 2pm which is all in English and i don’t think it is too far away from the Wombat Hostel :slight_smile:


I just looked at my flights. I arrive 1205 pm Saturday arvo. So maybe some of us could also have dinner that night or a couple drinks. I tried to make a Facebook group but it seems you can’t make one unless you can add friends. So add away and I’ll make a group for easy communication :grinning:


Woo hoo thanks Francine.

I made the group :grinning: Here it is. Only 20 days!


Looks like great fun. I would be interested.


Anyone else having trouble with their Russian visa? They rejected my invitation letter as it had no signature or stamp on it. Stuff up on Top Decks behalf I think.


Crisis averted, as I finally received my Russian visa :blush: Also I read that we need sleeping bags! Bit of a bummer, but I just one of those palm sized ones. Tiny as.