Red Star Special - 31st July to 5th September


Hi everyone,

My name is Haylee and I’m going to be on the Topdeck Red Star Special tour starting in Berlin on 31st July. I’m travelling solo and would love to get to know my fellow travellers before we head off into Scandinavia and Russia.

Also includes;

Red Star Special - 31 July to 5 September
Scandi Express - 31 July to 9 August
Northern Exposure - 31 July to 21 August
Russia Scandi (Berlin to Oslo) - 31 July to 22 August
Scenic Scandi - 7 to 21 August
Russia Scandi (Tallin to Berlin) - 14 August to 5 September
Russian Revelations - 20 August to 5 September
Vodka and Caviar - 22 to 29 August

Russian Revelations - 20th August - 5th Sep 2016
Scenic scandi 7th August - 21st August 2016

Hi Haylee,

My name’s Jess, I’m doing the Northern Exposure part of this trip and also travelling solo. I’m an Aussie currently living in London. What about yourself?


Hi Jess,

I’m also an Aussie and travelling solo and moving to London after this trip. It will be nice to know some people in London when I eventually get over there. How long have you been in London?


Hi all! I’ll be on the Russian Revelations part with my friend Samantha. I’m Aussie and she’s American. I’ll be getting to Estonia a day earlier though, on the 19th. Do you know if our tour starts the morning of the 20th or the afternoon?


On every other Topdeck I’ve been on, if you are meeting an existing tour, it’s usually in the afternoon when the group arrives in the city. Sometime between 2pm and 4pm. Have you gotten your visa invitations for Russia yet? I’ve been waiting 2 weeks and nothing.


I’ve been with top deck before - afternoon is great, means I have a day to explore the city! I haven’t applied for my visa yet as you can’t apply more than 3mths before your entry date - so annoying!


I’m still waiting for my invitationals. Might have to email my travel agent.

What Topdecks have you done before?


Ok I’ve filled out the online Russian visa form but can’t print it?! How did you get it to print? I did Eastern Pathways in 2014. Sorry it’s taken ages to reply - never got a notification that you had posted!


I still haven’t gotten my invitations so I haven’t even filled out the form yet. My travel agent is dropping the ball a little bit.

Are you using internet explorer or firefox? That might be the problem.

What’s eastern europe like? I’m doing all-access adriatic after the red star.


I would definitely jump on your travel agent! I’ll try both chrome and explorer today at work. Eastern Europe is AWESOME!!! So, so pretty and so much history! I loved Bosnia, Croatia and Prague the best.


Turns out Topdeck hadn’t sent off for the invitations yet. Apparently they process in order of trip departure. Hopefully will get them in about 2 weeks. I’m looking forward to Croatia, can’t wait to see Dubrovnik!

Where are you from? I’m from Sydney.


Printed my Visa! Really? I got mine over a month ago! Croatia is sooo pretty - you have to do the wall walk - about halfway along when you think you’re going to die there’s a tiny juice and smoothie shop in the wall - just brilliant!

I did 6 years of uni in Sydney, now I live in Cairns for work and am originally from Canberra.


Yay. What was the problem?

They have put me at the top of the list so should have them in 2 weeks. Good thing I checked.

You’ll have to give me the name of the juice store. I have a day in town before my tour pickup.

At least it is still warm up north, it’s starting to get cold in Sydney. Its great that you and your american friend could coordinate the trip together. I tried with a couple of friends it fell through. What’s your name by the way? I’m calling you ngm in my head.


I don’t know the name but it’s the only one on the wall. Like you can’t miss it unless you fell from the wall before you got there!

It seemed to be a browser issue - now all I have to do is get a money order and send it all off. Terrified something will go wrong though.

I’ve been wanting to a do a trip with my friend for a while (we were supposed to go on my last trip but she fell through), but on American wages its almost impossible so she’s really been saving and now we can finally go. I haven’t seen her in 5 years so it’s going to be AWESOME

LOL, my name is Beth but I kinda like ngm - never had a nickname!

Haha never gets cold up here - the humidity just turns off.


Can’t wait. I want to go to the juice bar and find the cliff bar. I’ll remember the browser issue when I have to do my own visas (eventually). I’m sure everything will be fine with your visa.

Can’t wait until the trip. Under 4 months and counting. We’ll have to figure out how ‘ngm’ would be said. In my head it is halfway between omnomnom and hmmmm, which is not the best sounding name.


haha I just say the letters!


Oooh and in Prague they take you to a 5 story dance club (very famous) each floor has a different theme. I spent all night on the 80’s floor!


I don’t think I’m going to Prague. I missed out on the nightclub last time I went through with Topdeck.




Next time. I’ll just hang out at the ruin bars in Budapest. I’m sure there will be some awesome places to go on the tour. What are you really excited about? I can’t wait for Troll Road, Russian Ballet and the Hermitage.