Red Star Special 30th July 2017


Hi everyone! I have just booked this tour, is anyone else going on this date?? I am a solo traveller, 24yrs old from Melbourne, Australia!



I am doing the Russian Scandi part of this trip - Berlin to Berlin. I think ill be on your trip until Stockholm then we head to Estonia, and you get to do Norway and Finland :slight_smile:

Im from Melbourne too.
Im super excited!


Hey Emilie, That’s great! Look forward to meeting you! I think we do Denmark to Finland first, and then go to Estonia and enter Russia… I looked at the Russian Scandi and it looks like you spend some days in Stockholm then meet us in Estonia, so you must start a lot later than our tour- does that sound right? Where in Melbourne are you from?!


I looked on Topdeck, and I think the tours that match up are the Scandi Express/Northern Exposure leaving 30th July 2017, Scenic Scandi/Reindeers and Russians leaving 6th Aug 2017 and Russia Scandi leaving 13th Aug 2017… I have just looked at maps and dates, but I’m thinking we’d all be on the same tour? Would love to meet you before I leave!


Hey Teigan, my girlfriend and I are doing the Red Star Special on 30th of July - we are from Australia as well, Alice Springs, NT! definitely looking forward to it. Can’t wait to get out of the desert!


Hey Cam! Great to hear from you! It’s not long to go now. I joined the Topdeck app and there are a few others chatting on there also. I just finished organising my visa (a tad stressful as I booked so late!) but am excited for the trip! Are you going to be in Berlin beforehand? Wow- the NT! I’m sure you’ll be used to the cold nights we’ll be getting in Norway!