Red Star Special 28th July 2019


I’ve booked into the Red Star Special starting in Berlin on 28th July 2019, anyone else doing the trip or parts of it?


Hey there! ive just booked this trip for that date aswell, how exciting!!


I’ve booked the one on the 4th August, but I’ve noticed all the previous non ‘guaranteed’ slots for 2019 are now unavailable including the one on the 21st July. Did they cancel yours or is it full?


It’s great , I am looking for this trip.


They told me the date had been cancelled and I could either get a refund or move to a different date, so I’m now on the 28th July one :slight_smile:


oh I decided on the 14th of july one!


My buddy and I are getting situated to do the August 11th trip. Is anyone else thinking about the trip or joining us by chance?