Red Star Special 27 May 2018



I’m looking at doing the 27th May (2018) departure of the Red Star Special. Anybody else looking at it, or one of the tours that does part of it?

It will be the third Topdeck tour I’ve done.


Hi I was looking at doing the Red Star Special for a time around this date! But the website doesn’t allow me to see dates for the tour any later than this year!



Interesting, perhaps they haven’t released the dates everywhere yet. I’m in New Zealand, you?
The one I’m looking at shows as
"Sun 27 May - Mon 02 Jul
Red Star Special 2018" as a Guaranteed departure for me. When I looked last weekend only the Red Star Special was showing dates for next year none of the tours that do parts of it were showing dates for next year and the available brochure was still the “old” one (my ex-travel agent did offer me a preview copy of the new one a while back) so I guess they are still working on the details.

The dates showing for me around that time are 6-May (first trip of the season), 13-May, 20-May, 27-May, 03-Jun, 10-Jun, 17-Jun, 24-Jun. The first two are cheaper and the last two in June are more expensive. I’m sure I read somewhere that something wasn’t open for the first couple of trips of the year but haven’t seen that mentioned anywhere since.


Awesome, I love NZ! I’m an Aussie but I currently live in the UK so that’s probably why I can’t see anything yet. Thanks for letting me know the dates that may be available, that helps me out tonnes!!


No problem. I like getting things all organised in advance and I know how it feels having to wait for dates to come out. For my tour this year (end of April) I had to wait ages before the dates came out (didn’t come out until October! by the looks of my emails).


I’ve booked the 27th of May departure. Just ~272 days to go :-). Apparently there was/is a special deal on at the moment if it was paid by the middle of this week so I’ve paid it as well (sorry new car fund :slight_smile: ).


Just got an email from my travel agent to say that there’s some sport thing (“World Cup” apparently, whatever that is) on in Russia when the 27th May tour would be there and that they can no longer get accommodation there during that time. They have a revised itinerary that bypasses Russia, or I can take a later departure or different tour etc. At the moment I think I’ll do the revised itinerary (it sounds quite nice) and do Russia some other time.


Replacement tour is called North East Expedition. Looks like all the Red Star Special tours before the 1st of July departure have been replaced with this one.


Think I’m going to do this one now but I’m going on May 13th so will a bit in front of you! I’m then going to fly into Russia and see the last Australia game at Sochi :blush:


So they’ll be able to sort out any bugs in the new tour with your group before my group comes along a couple of weeks later :-).

Looks like it will be quite a good tour. I’ve had some suggestions for Poland from one of my cousins (whose family is from there). Definitely going to try and get to this huge old salt mine near Kraków (


Nope my travel agent just said no one has booked the 13th so I’m going the 20th as it’s guaranteed with people booked. Unfortunately I can’t wait to go with you guys as I have applied for tickets to the soccer game in Russia on June 26th :sweat: I will have a look at the salt mine looks interesting thanks