Is anyone else signed up for this yet? I’m getting really excited about it, even though it’s still more than 5 months away. It would be great to meet others who are travelling, or who have done it already.[br][br]Red Star Special[br]26 July 2009


hi there:),[br][br]went on red star last year. Thoroughly enjoyed it. You will have a good time like the rest of us did :)[br][br]Have fun ;D 8-)[br][br]cheers[br]Dale


Thanks Dale, it’s great to hear from someone who’s done the trip. Do you have any hints/tips?[br][br]Red Star Special[br]26 July 2009


hi, ;D[br]yeh, you should enjoy most things on the tour. Viking olympics was amusing. If you feel comfortable on push bikes it can be a good way of seeing some of the cities, eg. berlin, copenhagen, stockholm. Copenhagen they are free. Think most people did the optionals and only the kiwi guy didnt do the glacier(he’s seen plenty in his life time) :slight_smile: We bought a soccerball, frisbee and someone had cards to play with also(drinking games at times or just Uno lol!! Stockholm- if you want to go out to a nightclub, hopefully somebody knows someone there becasue we didnt find anywhere realy good to go to lol or have a good plan because we walked around for 3hrs and getting the run around by locals lol:). best nights out were in finland and estonia. good night clubs. But you will all make your own experiences which is what it is all about though.[br] [br][br][br]Hopefully they stay at a differnt place up near nordkapp. We didnt stay near hammerfest and had nothing much to do after going to nordkapp. I only took a sleeping bag liner. If you like being quite warm at night i would recommend the sleeping bag. nothing too big though. 2 places didnt even have pillows so i bought a cheap pillow in stockholm.And some of the pillows, well i would call them flat lumpy cushions lol :)[br][br]I wont say some things, let you find out for yourself hehe!!![br][br]any questions otherwise, give a yell ;D[br][br]Dale [br]Redstar june20, 08[br]


Thanks Dale, that’s really helpful. A pillow will be a good addition to my packing list!! I’m presuming that other tours join in and leave along the way, is that right? How was it constantly meeting new people? Also, what sort of weather did you have, was it very variable?[br][br]Is there anyone else out there that’s booked this trip yet?[br][br]Only five months to go… YAY!!:)[br][br]Red Star Special[br]26 July 2009


hi ;D[br][br]on tours coming and going. Well we lost 1/3 at stockholm, gained about 8 at oslo then lost about 18 at tallin but gained about 14. It was all good the first 3 weeks. It did feel different though at tallin losing a lot. 9 of us did the full trip. It took a little while to mix with the new lot overall. Probably took a week to properly mix in though. Was a girl that just did the russian part. Was a bit harder for her, lucky for a couple of us guys that mixed with her. :)[br][br]Weather: well only time i wore jeans was when going out. It never really got cold really. Rained in oslo and st. pete but that was it for the whole trip. Temperature variation, night time coldest it got was probably about 10 and warmest about 17, mostly in the 20-25C bracket for day. if too cold, you can just turn the heating on normally if you desperate in most places :)[br][br]I am sure you will find a couple of people that will come on here, they were a bit slow when i was checking. I know there is a few people on earlier tours that have been on here[br][br]hope you having a good week ;D8-)[br][br]bye[br]


hi mel![br]im in for the july 26th departure. the full tour. woot! :slight_smile: i cant wait! should be all kinds of good times!


Hi Tam, great to know there’s someone else coming along for the full trip! Are you travelling by yourself, or with others? I’m doing it solo, but fully expect to finish with a lot of new friends. I did a 42 day Contiki last year, and just loved it. This trip seemed a natural follow-on, as it covers all the parts of Europe that I have been really keen to get to, but that weren’t covered by the Contiki trip. I’m also looking forward to being able to compare the two companies ;)[br][br]Melanie[br][br]Red Star Special[br]26 July 2009


hi Melanie![br]i am doing the trip solo as well :)[br]i did a 20 day topdeck last year and i have done a Contiki tour as well. i LOVED my topdeck trip last year - it was just the best time and i did that one solo too and met a bunch of great people! ive not been to any of the places we are off to except for berlin. ive been to krakow but not warsaw. like, you i am SOOOOOO excited! [br]are you arriving before the tour starts?[br]i am 26 years old, i hope im not the oldest! :wink: [br]i wish it were july already![br]Tam [br]Istanbul - London 2008 [br]Red Star Special 2009


i just got to thinking…melanie, to compare contiki and topdeck is interesting. i had sooooo much more fun with topdeck but the accommodations are much less luxurious! lol it is all good times though. i did a topdeck camping tour last year and actually fell in LOVE with the tent. also, in 2 of the hotels (the first 2 stops on the trip) my room didnt have hot water which sent me shyly waltzing around our floor in a towel and thongs to find a place to shower. surprisingly everyone was like “i have hot water” and was very nice and friendly. it was an interesting way to meet people but we all hit it off straight away! i am just buzzing with excitement about this trip! im glad there is at least 1 other solo chick for the whole trip! [br]see you soon…well, kinda…not really…whatever ;D[br]


hey tam :slight_smile: haha you wont be the oldest, i was the oldest on mine and i was 36 lol!!! and by the way, we all actually loved the cook tent ;D on the tour [br][br]Dale[br]Redstar, June08


Yep, I can guarantee you’re not going to be the oldest Tam - I’ll fit into that spot I’m sure. But really it’s about your attitude, not age (at least that’s what I’m telling myself!!) 5 months and 1 week to go!!! I’m getting a bit worried about the exchange rate from NZ - I’m going to have to keep saving to make sure I can experience everything I want too. I’m arriving in Berlin the night before, and spending a week after tour looking around, flying home from Prague. I’m a bit limited in the leave I can take this year, so had to jam it all in :frowning: Can’t wait…[br][br]Are you arriving early, or adding on time at the end of the tour? [br][br]Melanie[br][br]Red Star Special[br]26 July 2009


heya melanie! :)[br]im not 100% sure when i am arriving just yet. i may arrive the day it starts but early enough to catch a nap before meeting everyone! :-/ i am not extending my trip afterwards bc i am due to start my ph.d the first week of september and i will be moving house as well. [br]i know what you mean about age, i am just so set on having a rockin’ time. i loved my last topdeck and i have high hopes for this one! ;D[br]i love that you have a countdown! i just re-read the tour itinerary every day! i think it is going to be incredible! IM SO EXCITED! (caps definitely needed!!!)[br]are you staying at the wombat’s hostel before the trip?[br]-Tam


dale! :)[br]how are ya? [br]do you have insight into the optionals on this tour and how much?[br]i need to budget! lol[br]-Tam[br]Istanbul - London 2008[br]Red Star Special 2009


good tam, how are you?[br][br]i thought you asked that question before, so get in this time ;D[br][br]Berlin Tshirt & Bar crawl- 12eu[br]Copenhagen- Carlsberg brewery - 40 Dkk[br] Tivoli Gardens- 65 Dkk[br] Canal ride - 35-50dkk These are just things to do in cph[br]Stockholm-town hall tour- 60 Sek[br][br]Norway- Ski Jump-50 NoK[br] Olympic bobsled ride- 170 NoK[br] Svartien Glacier- 90 NoK[br] Nordkapp- 700 NoK[br] Deep sea fishing- we didnt stay there in 08 so it wasnt[br] an option. Cost was going to be from 320 NoK depending on[br] no. of people.[br][br]Russia- think its just the ballet really and isnt a huge expense. [br] Nearly everybody went to the ballet.[br][br]Oh, these prices were 2007 so i would add an extra 10% i think :slight_smile: I know the conversion rates for currency suck though at the moment. :([br][br]Going out can be expensive in scandinavian. More so with transport and if you get left behind at night. One of the guys got kicked out for being too drunk and cost 450 SeK to get back to campsite because no public transport at 4 in the morning lol ;D[br][br]Anyway you girls behave now on the trip. hehe. Yeh thought it was amusing that out of 32people on a bus 29 were asleep at one stage from sweden to oslo lol lol ;D[br][br]hope you both have a great time though :slight_smile: :)[br][br]bye for now ;D8-)


thanks dale! ;D[br]either you have a FANTASTIC memory or you had all that written down from before! :p[br]its great though, thank you sooo much![br]i cant wait to go! should be a blast![br]-Tam


Thanks Dale, it’s great to have an idea of what the optional extras are and approx cost. I’m always keen to do as many as possible! Tam - I haven’t yet booked anywhere to stay on the night before the tour starts, but I did assume I would make it Wombats, just to avoid moving - we’ll be doing enough of that later I’m sure. Just waiting now until my travel agent can make bookings there and in Prague for after the tour, although still not sure where I’ll be staying there either - or even what day I’ll arrive yet :slight_smile: Some more planning required…[br][br][br]Red Star Special[br]26 July 2009


[br]i know what you mean…i have soooo much planning to do…ie: how i will come up with the spending money. lol[br][br]im beginning to wonder if we are the only ones booked on this trip. EEEEEEP!


I’m sure others will appear closer to the time (hopefully). Otherwise we’re going to have a lot of space each on the bus to spread out!!! Now we’re into March, and suddenly July is seeming a lot closer… :):)[br][br]Red Star Special[br]26 July 2009


hells yes! [br]i seriously cant wait. i think ive over planned. i already know that im gonna pack (more or less). cant wait to meet all the peeps! [br]should be a great great time![br][br]c’mon more ppl! admit to booking! i know you are out there! :)[br][br][br][br]tam~[br]Istanbul - London 2008 [br]Red Star Special 2009