Red Star Special 24 July 2016


Hi all,
I’m Louise and I’m going on the Red Star Special, departing Berlin on the 24th for 37 glorious summer days of work-free adventure. I was wondering just who else might be out there that is coming on the same trip at the same time. If you’re one of my fellow travelers it would be great to hear from you.


Hey Louise,

I’m jumping into your tour for the Scenic Scandi part which begins at Oslo on the 31st and ends in Tallinn, so I’ll definitely be seeing you there :slight_smile: I’m travelling solo, so it’s nice to have a chat to somebody before arriving! I’m doing Iceland a for a few days before the tour starts, so hopefully my jetlag will have worn off haha.


Hi Louise,
My name is Carolyn and I will be on the tour for the whole trip too. I fly in on the 22nd and will have two days to explore Berlin before the tour starts. When do you arrive?


Hi all,

My name is Kristen, and I’m doing the Red Star Special that begins on the 24th and the Mega European directly after! I arrive in Berlin on the 23 :slight_smile:

So excited to meet everyone!


Hello everyone, Myself and two of my friends are joining the vodka and caviar portion of the trip from aug 29-sept5. We are three fine gentlemen from Vancouver who are very good at having a good time. We will be in Helsinki a few days prior and arriving in St Petes on the 28th if anyone cares to meet up