Red star special 24 july 2011


hey guys

just checking out who is heading away on this trip and anyone past who has done the trip and has tips for what to take and what to expect etc. ;D :slight_smile:


Hey! Think i might be on the part of your trip when you hit Estonia, I’m doing Russia/Scandi on 7th August finishing on 29th. So if I’m right hi!. Name’s Marcus from UK (Rainy Manchester), getting real close can’t wait


Hey marcus.

you almost make my tour. we dont hit estonia until the 13th of august but we make it back to berlin on the same day (the 29th).

its a shame it would have been nice to have met you. I have friends from manchester and have been meaning to go back and see more than the clubs up there but havent made it back. i hope you have a great trip and safe travels

kylie. :slight_smile:


Hey Kylie, I do hit Estonia on the 13th, my tour is Russia Scandi so we go from Stockholm to Estonia (gutted to be missing the Northern part of Scandi but i have limited time for hols which sucks) and my itineary says we join a new group there, so I’m guessing thats yours yeah?



Im doing the scenic scandi tour departing oslo on 31st July. Did the russia scandi tour 2 years ago and thought it was amazing, so thought i would finish off the red star special this year :slight_smile:



Hi all! Looks like I might be travelling with some of you… I’ll be doing the Scenic Scandi tour starting in Oslo on July 31st followed by the Russian Revelations. I’m travelling alone so i’m looking forward to meeting new people!


sweet sounds like we will cross paths then marcus. and im all up for meeting new people. any tips for travelling around scandi?


When do you arrive in Oslo Jacinthe? I arrive on the 29th July and im staying at the Anker Hostel for the Fri and Sat.



Hi Jill! I’ll get to Oslo early afternoon on the 31st. I might have to go straight to the meeting point as i’ll have all my stuff with me… Is it your first time in Noway?



Yeah its my first time in Norway Jacinthe :slight_smile: See you on the tour!