Red Star Special - 23 August


Hi - anyone else going on this trip? This trip is pretty much in the middle of an (almost) five month Europe trip for me, interested to make contact with others who are going on this one. Realise I am very very early to book though!


Hi, I’ve just booked this tour and am already sooo excited! I’m only heading over for the tour but I was over in Europe last August doing a Contiki 46day camping tour which was so much fun!! Can’t wait to see everything and meet everyone else


I’ll be on the trip for the first leg, Berlin to Oslo. Even though it will be a short trip for me I am very excited!


Hi - good to hear from fellow travellers!! I gather from other people that this tour is basically a big mix of people hopping on and off. At any rate it should be fun - even though it is still some time away.