Red star special 22 July 2018


Anyone booked on the red star special 22 July 2017 yet


Do you mean the trip 22 july 2018? If yes, then yes! Im on this trip too :slight_smile:


Yes I totally meant that. Didn’t realised I screwed the year. Ops.
I can’t figure out how to edit/fix it.
But good to see someone else on it. Are you doing any other travel while over there?


Yeah sure am! Just over three weeks travel before the tour starts. Your doing the tour alone too right?


Yes I’ll be travelling solo. I’ll be 34 by then so potentially the old nana of the group :neutral_face:
Haven’t done Topdeck before but have done contiki but not since 2010.
I only arrive the afternoon the tour starts so I’ll be buggered. I’m staying one extra night at the end. Then flying to London just for 4 nights go catch up with friends before I come home.
Where are you from ?


I’m with my boyfriend up until the tour starts then doing that alone :slight_smile: I’ve done topdeck once before in 2015 and it was great! Also have heard heaps of good things about this tour so I’m super keen! This is my graduation trip so I’m really looking forward to it!

I’ll be there for one or two nights after too I think?

I’m from Wollongong, you?