Red Star Special 20 August 2017


hey, I just booked this trip! I’m a solo traveler from Sydney, who else will be joining?


I’m looking at this one. As soon as work gives the leave haha!
I don’t see why we need a sleeping bag though?


Awesome! I couldn’t work out why we needed a sleeping bag for this tour either.


If all goes as planned, I’ll be on this tour as well! Just waiting to finalize it in the next month or so…


Ive booked this tour so i’ll be there. Has anyone set up a facebook page or something? keep in contact easier maybe


Awesome! Haven’t started a Facebook page yet, but I’m happy to make one


Sounds good! looking forward to the trip :slight_smile:

Have you had any trouble with your russian visa?


I will start adding people on Facebook to start a group then :slight_smile: I’ve got the invitation letter etc from topdeck but haven’t started the online application as yet


Hey I just booked this tour for the 20th of Aug cant wait to go, should I have received my Russian visa application yet? I book 2 weeks ago.


Awesome! I just emailed topdeck and asked then to organise and send me the invitation letter and then you can just do the application online


hi guys
Im on this tour but a different departure date,
Holla at me if you need a hand with your visa applications