Red Star Special - 1st June


Hi[br][br]Who’s looking at doing Red Star Special starting on June 1st?[br][br]Me and a few mates are going… I cant wait.[br][br]Cheers and beers[br]Chrus


Hey, thats a bummer, I’m doing the Red Star on the 15th June. Should be a good tour though


Hi[br]I’m on this trip![br]Nice to meet you[br]Bec


Hey.[br][br]Good to finally meet a fellow traveler.[br][br]Where abouts are you from? You traveling alone, or with others?[br][br]Cheers and beers[br]Chrus


Hi[br]I’m from Sydney & going solo. [br]


Come on…[br]there must be other people out there…[br][br]Helooo??


Hey! I’m on this trip- only just found this place :-p Probably a bit late by now though! [br]ONLY 4 DAYS TO GO! [br]What time is everyone arriving in Berlin? [br]Im travelling solo from England! [br]xxxx