Red Star Special 18th july 2010


hey guys,
im looking at booking this tour and was wondering if anyone else has been or is planning on going???
would love to hear from you!!
xx :slight_smile:


I am going on the 11th July tour. Pretty excited about it, but still looking to figure out packing for going so far north.


I’m doing this tour that starts on 27th of June, But I’m only doing the Oslo to Tallinn


hi i’m doing this one that starts on 25 July, it’s a guaranteed departure, it’s only a week later but might be a good idea to look at


Hey Cass,
im booked for the 18th! Cant wait!


Has anyone gotten the packing list or optional activities?


i still have a hard copy version of the 2009 packing list and optionals, it says “march 2009” at the top, so i’m assuming it will come out in the next couple of weeks