Red Star Special - 18 May 2008


I have just booked this tour ;D[br][br]Anyone else going on this date? :p[br][br]Cruisey


Still waiting to see if anyones coming… yes i’m impatient haha:o


Hey Cruisey, I’m booked on the Northern Exposure tour leaving 18 May, which I’m pretty sure is the Berlin - Tallinn leg of the Red Star Special.


Hey KmC4[br][br]It’s great to finally hear from someone. I never really realised that there were a few tours combined into the one. But, at least it’s good to hear from someone even if they aren’t on the whole trip with you.[br]Do you plan on arriving in Berlin earlier?[br]


hi guys,[br]i am also doing the northern exposure on the 18th,[br]i think it is part of the red star.[br]i have been to Berlin so i get they on the 18th.[br]see-ya Pete.


Hi Pete[br]Yeah i discovered by reading the trip notes on the website for the red star special that there is about 4 different tours combined into it. A little odd hey! People are going to be going to be coming and going throughout my trip.(well and yours)[br]I’m arriving the day before the actual starting date.I’m actually spending a few days in Munich before the tour.[br]Good to have someone else on board even if it isn’t for the whole time of my trip :)[br][br][br]Where are you both from Pete and KmC4?[br]


Yeah, I only worked out that there were a few tours combined into one after I’d booked. [br][br]I’ll be arriving in Berlin the 17th after spending a few days in London.[br][br]I live in Canberra. How about you guys?


I live in Melbourne and from Melbourne :)[br][br]Are you planning on staying at wombat’s the day before KmC4? I’m still deciding. I arrive in Berlin on the 17th as well.


Yep, booked Wombats for the night before already - just thought it was easier and that other people from the tour might be staying there that night as well.


hey KmC4[br]I guess i’ll be seeing you sometime at Wombats. I just booked for the night before. I was thinking of finding somewhere with just single rooms seeing that we are going to be sharing the rest of it. But, like you said it was just easier to book there for the night before.[br]Anyway, feel free to email me if you like :


hi guys[br]i live in Windsor which is 60km nw from Sydney.[br]when i booked which was on the 19th of feb,[br]where were only a few places left.[br]hey cruisey, as well of having people getting on and off,[br]we will meet the Russia-scandi tour in Estonia and take the same trip all the way back to Berlin.[br]bye Pete


Hey Pete[br]I know Windsor. I have been there a few times :slight_smile: Out in the whoop whoop haha :-p[br]I guess that’s good that it’s almost full, but if it’s made up of different tours there may be times when theres a few people and the next leg of the trip a lot. Did that make sense? [br]Did i read somewhere that you also did some contiki’s pete? Which one’s did you do? (if so)[br][br]How old are you both?? I’m 29 but will be celebrating my next birthday over there :open_mouth:


I just turned 26. That’s cool you’ll have your birthday over there Cruisey, I’m sure we’ll have a big celebration :slight_smile:


hey Cruisey or Mexican? ha ha[br]yes i have done 8 con’s around the world.[br]since this is t-decks forum i will tells yours a few storys on the tour. but they were all great.[br]i find when in a group and doing things together you get to know people very quickly unless you are a Nigel.[br]i have turn 40 and had to ask head office to get on this tour.[br]so guys whats your names?[br]see-ya Pete.


Hi all. I have just joined this tour and am looking forward to it. It is coming up so quickly.


Wow !!! Pete… 8 contiki’s did they run out of tours for you to do and that’s why your doing a top deck on :stuck_out_tongue: haha :p[br]I’ve only done 2 of them :)[br]Ohh, and i’m Mandy btw :)[br][br]Hi Lindsey,[br]Great to have someone else on board. Are you doing the whole trip or part of the trip like the other 2? :)[br]Without sounding like a crazy stalker kinda person (haha)are you born in 1982 by chance? I just ask this because theres that name on the form (along with 2 other names)that I have to use to apply for my russian visa. I was curious that’s all haha[br]Where are you from ? :)[br]I leave in exactly 2 months from today… can’t wait ;D


hi Mandy[br]after suriving 8, i said its time for a change.[br]welcome Lindsey[br]it is great to have a maple leaf on the bus,haha[br]are you doing any other trips?[br]keep smiling Pete.;D


Welcome Lindsey![br][br]I’m Kathleen btw Mandy and Pete. [br][br]My friend made me a countdown a while ago, and I leave in 59 days! I can’t believe it’s so soon.


I am from Canada and yes I am born in 1982 so we must be on the same form we use to apply for the visa. I am on the entire trip with you. It should be a good contrast of things to do in each area we stop at. You are getting there a few days early I take it by you leaving in 2 months from the date of your post. Where are you headed before the tour begins?


hey Lindsey[br][br]I’m glad that there’s someone else doing the whole trip with me. That’s great to hear. Is this your first trip overseas?? [br]Speaking of visas, i’m just getting mine sorted out right now and then i guess things will seem more final when i get it back :)[br]I can’t wait to be heading off again.[br]I’m spending a few days in Munich by myself before the tour. I have been to Munich before but the only thing i got to see there was the beer hall believe it or not and i’m not much of a drinker haha. It should be interesting to test out my high school german haha.[br]I am arriving the day before the tour begins in Berlin.[br]When do you arrive? do you plan on arriving the day before? if so are you staying at wombat’s as well?