Red Star Special 16th July 2017


Hey everyone!
I’m Siobhan, I’ve booked the Red Star Special tour leaving on the 16th july and I just wanted to find out if anyone else has booked this tour as well :slight_smile:


Hi Siobhan,
I’ll be travelling for part of this tour from Berlin-Tallinn, called the Northern Exposure. I’m probably going to be in Berlin for the day before the tour so I’d been keen to get to meet up with people prior to starting the tour. Who are you travelling with? I’m travelling solo. :slight_smile:


Hey :slight_smile: Sounds awesome! I’m travelling solo as well so I’d love to meet up with people too! I’ll be in Berlin a couple of days before the tour. :slight_smile:


Since I’ve been to Berlin before I’m didn’t want to be there too early before the tour started, I’ll be in Munich for the a few days before I head up to Berlin. Have you been to Europe before? I went last year and I was just so obsessed that I had to come back this year.


Cool! :slight_smile: Yeah I was in Europe last year as well and was the same, I loved it so much I had to come back!!! :slight_smile:


Hey Siobhan,

I was just wondering what you were doing about with taking a sleeping bag as it says in the recommended packing list that we require one. I don’t really want to to take up heaps of my luggage with a sleeping bag if we are only going to use it for only part of the trip. I’m thinking of just taking a sleeping bag liner as it won’t take up too much space.

Caity :slight_smile:



I’m emilie from melbourne. I’m joining the Russian Scandi section of this trip - Berlin to Berlin.

I’m so excited!!!


Hi Emilie and Lauren,
Not long now, so excited. I will be arriving into Berlin on 15th July, and staying at the Wombats. Would been keen to catch up beforehand if either of you are keen?


HI everyone! I’ve booked this tour yesterday! Last minute decision and I can’t wait :smiley: Solo traveller here. Will get to Berlin a day before and like Caitycat I’m also staying at the Wombat hostel. Happy to catch up before the trip starts.

Does anyone know if there is also a Facebook group for this trip?


hey there mila, havent started a facebook group yet. but if you wanted to add me on facebook feel free and we can plan a catch up prior to the tour. Ive been on the app but noone is there which is kinda sad because im doing another tour afterwards with topdeck and there is quite a few on there.

my facebook is
Ive been stalking these forums like crazy so thats why im replying fast :slight_smile: im just a bit excited for the trip haha


I’m doing this trip already, and about to head to Norway for the camping trip. I noticed someone said that you may just bring a sleeping liner. You are going to need a proper sleeping bag. Apparently some of the places don’t have heating and even though it’s summer you are heading towards the artic circle.
You will all love this trip! Loving it already!


@siobhanoconnor19 @emiliemc and @LozFernweh6 a facebook group has been created if you wish to join, here we have been asking some questions pre tour and possibly organise catch ups prior to the tour.


Thanks Alice for letting us know! I am definitely bringing a sleeping bag with me. If you have any other tips as you go along the trip, please let us know!! Such as things to do, places to see, optional activities that are worth doing etc. :wink: