Red Star Special - 15th June


Hi all, I’m looking for anyone who is doing this tour. I’ll be travelling by myself, so it would be great to find people who are on this tour.[br]Hope I hear from you soon[br]Stacy


hey stacy, i have my northern exposure trip booked for the 15th june so i guess ill be joinin you on the tour and leaving you in estonia. i cant wait, where in aus are u from?[br]jazz


Yay, I’m so excited someone has finally replied to me. lol. I’m from the Central Coast of NSW, how about you? Only 7weeks and 3 days to go, I’m so excited. Are you travelling by yourself?

#4 from Brisbane. last minute decision for me I got the last seat left, put my deposit down today so really i havent had a long time to count down the days but 7 weeks 4 days isnt too far away. have you been to Europe before? I cant wait!!


7 weeks 3 days rather and yeh im travelling alone


No i haven’t been to Europe before, I’m spending 8 weeks over there, after the tour, I’m going back to the UK and doing dome exploring, staying with friends and family, it should be good.[br]Wow, you have only just decided to go now? I decided back in october last year. lol


wow thats a long time to be over there. youll have a fantastic time tho. I had a similar trip to this booked 2 years ago but cancelled it so ever since then ive wanted to do it and looks like this time i am. very different part of europe u chose for your first time. it all looks so beautiful. do u arrive in berlin on the 15th? god i hope i can follow those instructions to the hostel


No, I get into Berlin the day before as the tour starts on the 15th.[br]I know I chose a different part for my first time, I don’t really know why I chose it to be honest, think I just wanted to go to Santa’s House, lol. I’m really looking forward to it though. When do you get into Berlin?


I get to Berlin on the 12th so I get a little down time before the tour starts gotta pace myself lol I have 5 months to get thru [br]Tony


ah well ill be looking at flights tomorrow, im gonna try and arrive in berlin on the 15th of june if my flight arrives early mornin if not ill arrive the day before. i had a job interview interupt my planning and thought i was gonna have to cancel the tour but i didnt get the job so im happy. well looks like theres 3 of us so far on this tour. not long to go now i cant wait!!!