Red Star Special - 14th August


Hi everyone!

I’ve just booked the Red Star Special tour starting on 14th August 2016 from Berlin. I’ll be travelling solo from NZ. Is anyone else booked onto this tour yet?



Hey Laura! Your not on your own, according to my emails I booked this tour as well. . . Pubs should never be next door to a Flight Center!!


Awesome! Pub next to a flight centre huh? Sounds like an adventure waiting to happen! Lol where are you from?


Haha yeah i’m sure it will be a good trip! Can’t wait for Russia! I’m from a farm in Queensland.


I’m super excited for Norway & Russia :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’m from NZ, but currently living in Broken Hill NSW lol


Yeah Norway should be good! The whole trip looks pretty good actually haha! Broken Hills a great town… Have you been to Europe before?


This trip is gonna be amazing :slight_smile: haha yeah, Broken Hill isn’t bad! I did the European Adventure tour last year with Topdeck, best thing ever. Have you been to Europe?


If anyone else is on this tour (or one of the tours joining it), feel free to join our facebook group :slight_smile: