Red Star Special - 13 July


Hiiii![br][br]Just checking to see if anyone is going on the Red Star Special starting 13 July!![br][br]=)[br]xx


Hey Kass,[br][br]Whilst you are waiting on an answer from your fellow travellers, just wanted to reassure you that this trip is pretty much full so you won’t be going on your own…[br][br]Have a fab trip![br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Anita


Hey Kass, [br][br]Yeah Im going on this tour, can’t wait!!! Where r you from?


heyy ya![br][br]I’m from Aus… take it your from NZ?!


Yeah, from NZ, Auckland. Where in Aussie are you from?[br][br]Been in Europe though for the past year or so. Living and working in London. Can’t wait to get back on the road and travel again. Im getting to Berlin 4 days early so I can have a good look around, how about you?


Hi guys, I am pretty sure i am joining you in Estonia on 2nd August for the second half of the tour- I did the first half in 2005 and you are going to love it!!:slight_smile:


You will have fun guys, i’ve just come home from this trip ;D[br]I hope you can all sleep with light, it’s an experience when the sun never goes down. I suggest an eye mask if you can’t :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey,[br][br]I’m doing the Russia Scandi tour so will be with you guys until Sweden. Only two weeks to go, woo! ;D


[br] Hey all,[br][br] Just thought I’d break the ice, before we meet up. [br] I’m from Melbourne,AUS. I’ll be joining you for the trip also.[br][br] Hakan.