Red Star Special 10Jul


Hey guys,

I’m 25 from Aus travelling solo. Who else is on this trip? :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:
I’m also travelling solo and doing this tour! I’m from Perth, you? Getting excited!


Hey Emily!

I’m from Geelong, Vic. I’ll be travelling around a bit beforehand and then I’m joining this trip in Berlin on 11th July.
Are you hanging around after the trip? I have about 5 days in Berlin afterwards and then I’m going to London. Can’t wait!


I’m flying to London about a month before to catch up with friends around uk and Switzerland. Then i’m travelling for another couple months aftr the tour doing busabout and Greek islands! I’m sure I’ll need a few days down time in berlin after the trip too lol
I can’t wait to start travelling but not so excited about trying to cram all my stuff into a backpack for 4months!
I’m a paeds nurse in Perth. What do you do?


That sounds great!
I’m currently working in reservations for Hertz car rental but I’ll be leaving that job because I’ll be travelling for 5 months all up. I’ve been to Berlin before and loved it which is why I wanted extra time after the trip. There’s so many great museums there.
And your right about the packing! I’m taking a cross between backpack and suitcase. It’s like a big backpack but has wheels so you can pull it. You can’t carry it like a backpack but it has a big strap so you could carry it on your shoulder if you needed to. It’s kinda hard to describe, lol, but it’s big and you don’t have to cram stuff in as much.


hello! I am also doing this trip! When do you arrive in Berlin?


Hi Iktorbert,
I’m doing another tour beforehand so I’m arriving in Berlin on 11th Jul, the day after the tour starts.
I’ll be hanging around for about 6 days after the tour though :slight_smile:


Hi iktorbert!
I think Ill be arriving in Berlin the day of or the day before the tour starts. It depends where I end going before the tour starts :slight_smile:
Ar you from the US? Is this the first time you’ve been to Europe? I’m getting pretty excited about my trip but also very nervous!! Hopefuly going to be away for a year all up, it’s a long time! At the moment trying to organise visa, fun times!
Can’t wait to meet everyone!
Kimberley - I’m still at loss at what to pack lol too many seasons to cater for and not enough room!! Also are you guys bringing sleeping bags??I got very confused about the conflicting info on the topdeck website…

Em :slight_smile:


Hey Emee,
I know what you mean! I’m just going to try and take a bit of everything. I’ll be taking jeans and t shirts as well as shorts for walking around the cities. A couple of dresses and nice tops for going out and stuff and I have a couple of sweater dresses and leggings for when it’s cold too. I’m travelling for 5 and a half months all up in both Europe and USA so it’s going to be hard to pack for all seasons! I think the best thing is to try and take clothes that can be worn different ways and mix and matched.

With the sleeping bags they have said that unless you are doing the Greek sailing trips you don’t need one because all their accommodation has secured bedding so I guess I won’t bring one then to try and save some room!


Hey Kimberley :slight_smile:

Yeh that’s why I got confused about the sleeping bags and their FB site says you only need it if you’re doing the sailing but then in the info about our tour it says you do need one…very confusing…guess I can always just wear all my clothes at once if I’m cold lol

I’m travelling for about 4months and then planning on moving to france so will hopefully be gone a year all up…it makes packing very very tricky!! Now just have to organise my visa for france and russia…fun times!



Wow moving to France will be great! I just got my passport back for my Russian visa, I had to do it twice because I was originally booked on the tour departing 17th July but it got cancelled so had to reapply for my visa. Fun times!


Hey Guys!

Im doing this trip as well! Im from Perth too, and am 22, I have done contiki about a year and a half ago, but am excited to see more of europe and take it at a different pace this time. I am a dental nurse/student, and have taken a gap year to work and travel (for 3-4 months) between degrees. I also may stay a few nights after in Berlin, before doing another trip leaving from Rome on the 17th. Would love to know when you guys are going to get to Berlin and where you are going to stay, I haven’t booked my flights over from London yet. It would be great to meet before the trip starts, or even in London before.

Should be a really interesting and exciting tour!

Lu :slight_smile:


Hey Louisa!
I’m arriving into Berlin on the 11th July so the day after the tour officially starts because I’m doing another trip around Spain, Portugal and Morocco beforehand so I’ll meet up with you guys the next day.
I’m going to have 6 extra days after the trip though because I really want to spend more time exploring Berlin. Then I’m off to London to travel around the UK for a couple of weeks before heading to the USA. Can’t wait :slight_smile:


Hey Kimberly!

Ok cool, Wow! you are definitely going to see a lot! Sounds like an amazing trip you are going to be doing. Im planning on doing about 3 tours while im away around Europe, while seeing family and friends inbetween.

It will be good to spend a few days after in Berlin, hopefully rest up before the next tour. But by that time we will all know each other, and should have company for those days, which will be good. I will probably be around until the 17th.

I can’t wait as well! You must be off soon? if u are starting tours in early june



Hey Louisa,
I am off soon. I leave on 2nd June. I’m doing a trip around Turkey first up before doing the other tours.
I’m in Berlin until the 20th. I’ve been there once before and loved it which is why I wanted to spend extra time there. There’s lots of different museums to go to and I really like the war histroy too.


Hey guys, I just got my tour docs and it says for the Red Star Special we do need a sleeping bag because some of the places we stay are bungalow style accommodation. Maybe we should take one just in case :S


Kimberley - yeah that’s where I got confused about the sleeping bag thing cuz of the tour info…but annoying if ony use it for a week and away for 4 months…maybe I’ll ring them and find out :slight_smile:
also I’ve hopefully got my french visa sorted!! Went over to Sydney last week to get it and theysaid kr shod be int he mail this week! Yay! Then once that’s done it’s time to get the Russian one sorted! How long did yours take to come back?? As I fly out on June 13 so need my passport back by then lol

Louisa - Hi!!! I’m flying into London on June 13 and unsure as to when I’ll be arriving in Berlin…probably a day or two before as I’m doing busabout as well so planning on using that to get up to Berlin :slight_smile: when do you get to london?

Em x


Hey Emee,
Russian visa takes about 2 weeks all up cos it’s 10 days for them to process it plus postage time. You have to send your passport along with the invite letters from Topdeck and money order for the visa fee and you also need to senself-addressed addressed registered post envelope for them to mail your passport back.
I think I’ll try and get just a small cheap sleeping bag just in case and if it gets cold I can layer up!


Hi Kimberley, I am doing the Red Star Special but starting 26 June - I haven’t seen anyone else that is going on this date yet. I noticed that you are also doing the Turkey Explored on 4 June - I am on this tour too. Good to know that someone else is actually going to Turkey as well at the same time. I am also travelling solo and looking forward to it.


Hi TJ,
That’s great! There is a few other people doing the Turkey trip as well, there’s a Turkey Explored topic in the General Disucssion forum so you should check it out :slight_smile:
When are you flying into Istanbul? I’m arriving the day before on the 3rd.