Red Star Special 10 July, 2016


Anybody planning on doing this trip? I’m looking into either this one or the one on 3 July.

Scandi Express 10th july - 19th july
Northern Exposure July 10th 2016

Hey I booked for 15june2016 trip. It’s called EasternSprit. You trip includes those destinations??


Ya I am looking at doing this trip in 2016
at this stage I don’t know witch in I will be going on but one of the 2



Has anyone officially booked themselves in for the Red Star Special for the 10th July?

I was supposed to be doing this trip with a friend, but that has since fallen through. So now i’m not sure whether to still do this trip or do something a little shorter. I’ve done Topdeck trips solo before, but not for as long. Still thinking about it…

If i do decide to go ahead with it, I guess I might see some of you there.


I haven’t booked yet, but plan on doing this one. I’d be going solo as well. Same position here as far as past tours, I’ve done several but all were shorter. I’m sure it will be fun though! And there will be plenty of people doing part of the tour who come and go along the way so I expect doing the whole thing will feel like a bunch of separate tours in a row in some ways.


Just booked for 10 July! Who else is in?


I’m thinking of doing this trip solo too! Interested in doing it in June though.


I’ve booked the scenic scandi tour, so I’m pretty sure we join your tour in Oslo on the 17th of July. At least I think that’s how it works?
I’ll be travelling solo as well so it’d be good to have a few people to share a drink with.
Where are you all from?


Hey, glad to hear you’ll be joining us! I’m from New York, how about you?


Hey nivekious, I’m from Adelaide in Australia. From New York hey, I love your city, I was over there earlier this year. Are you traveling anywhere else besides the tour?


Oh cool! I was actually in Adelaide around this time last year on another Topdeck tour! Seemed like a cool city, though I only passed through for a couple of days. Would like to get back in southern summer!

I’m actually planning to fly into Norway and do a few hikes there before going to Berlin for the trip, including Kjeragbolten and Trolltunga. I haven’t fully decided what I’m doing after the tour yet, but I have a couple weeks afterward before my flighthome.


Awesome I’m planning on going to Bergen in Norway for a week after my trip and planning on doing the Trolltunga too. You’ll have to let me know how you get on with it and give me some tips!


Will do! Still trying to decide whether to take the traditional hike or the new via ferrata


Hey I’m Grace I’m on the scandi express starting on the 10th of July in Berlin - I’m a solo traveler so it would be great to meet some new people


Doing the northen exposure part also, traveling solo too
If your super keen you can add us on facebook if you want to talk as i think Facebook is a bit better then this forum tbh

hope that link works well