Red Star Special 08 July 2012


Hey guys,
Booked three European trips, the first of which is the Red Star Special departing on the 8th of July this year.
Anyone else booked in for this? I’m going alone, so pretty keen to meet up with any other like-minded gals/guys before leaving.
Staying a week in Berlin afterwards before the Eastern Explore on the 21st August. Then staying a week in Paris and a week in London before my last trip, the Britain & Ireland on the 23rd September. Phew!!
If there are any other Brisbanites booked in for this, I’m interested in getting to know you.
Super psyched!


I am also travelling alone on this tour. Am spending two days in Berlin before the tour starts, then a couple of days in Krakow, before starting another top deck tour, sailing in Croatia. I can’t wait!!


Oh awesome! That will be lots of fun. Where are you from?


Hey guys,

I’m booked for this one too!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’m in Berlin the day before and the day after the tour but then jet off to (fingers crossed) Greece for 3 weeks.

I’m a female from Syd and travelling solo :slight_smile: Are you guys solo or partnered?

Can’t wait to meet you all (is it too soon to say only 4 more months!?!?!?!?)


Hey Lottie!
I’m so excited - it’s definitely not too soon to say ‘only 4 more months’, i have a count down XD
I’m travelling solo, I want to get to know some people before the trip if possible, so thanks for replying to my post!
If you’d like to chat I can give out my email?


ill be spending the first few days of the tour with you all
im going on the russia-scandi tour departing 8th july
ill be in berlin from the 3rd july and not sure how long after
then i will be off to greece for i dont know how long
I am from Gladstone and travelling alone, looking forward to meeting you all