Red Star Scandanavia & Russia - May 17th


Hi there,[br][br]My name is Laura and I am from New Zealand.[br][br]I am departing(from Berlin)for my 36 day tour of Scandanavia and Russia on May 17th. I was wondering if anyone else on here is going on that same trip?[br][br]I would like to get in contact with anyone who is going on this tour![br][br]Write back,[br][br]Laura :)[br][br]


Hi Laura,[br][br]I am on the Red Star Special on 17th May too, can’t wait less than 2 weeks now. Just trying to sort out what to pack as I am off to Eastern Europe after this tour.[br]Jen


hi jen,[br][br]yay thats sooo good! i was getting a bit worried i would be alone on the tour…haha[br][br]i am getting to the hostel the night before…when are you getting there?[br][br]yeah i am also trying to pack as i have got way too much stuff![br][br]less than two weeks! yay :)[br][br]laura


Hi Laura,[br]I am getting to Wombats the night before the tour, so if you fancy meeting up for a drink let me know. Good to know someone else is doing the whole tour as well, its going to be awesome. Have you done a topdeck tour before? I haven’t, have done a couple of contikis and various other companies so will be interesting to see what they are like.[br][br]See you soon[br]Jen :slight_smile:


Hey Jen,[br][br]This is my first ever tour so I’m a newbie![br][br]Yeah I am definatly keen for a drink at Wombats the night before we go…[br][br]See you in 6 days!!![br][br]Laura