Recommended clothing in april/may


Hey everyone :slight_smile: im doing the grand european at in may and im wondering what others would recommend to wear. What is the weather like at that time of year? What sort of clothes did you bring? Was there anything you wish you had or hadnt brought?
Thanks in advance for any advice :slight_smile:


Iā€™m interested to know this too as Iā€™m looking to book an April-May tour


Im doing the grand european (you commented in one of our forums as well and i just replied :slight_smile: ). I think im going to take a mixture of clothes and stuff that i can mix and match. I dont know about shoes though. I dont want to take sneakers so im thinking thongs a nice pair/boots or something and a comfy pair for walking around.


Weather is nice during that time. I guess coat or jacket, jeans, boots (not winter boots) would be fine.