Recommend me a Paris Hostel!


Can anyone recommend me a great Paris Hostel, that isn’t too expensive but is SAFE for a female travelling alone? I’ll be staying 5 nights.


When I go to Paris I think I’m going to either stay at the ‘Aloha hostel Paris’ or the ‘Young and happy hostel Paris’ both are in a really good location and only about 10-20mins walk to major attractions. I’m probably going to go with the ‘Young and happy hostel’- if you type the hostel name into Google, you can check out there website :slight_smile: I’ve read really good reviews on this hostel as well :slight_smile: When are you going to Paris?
Good Luck!


Paris doesn’t really have hostels, there are a few.Your choices for Rome and London are solid.I recommend the MIJE like a poster above mentioned.There is one in the Marais which is clean and has a nice courtyard. I don’t know how much it is, but it is in your budget.I think you’re better off searching through there for hostels.