Reccomended hostels in London?


Hi! After my tour finishes I am off to Madrid to see friends and then return to London for 5 nights, I was wondering if anyone could reccomend some good hostels to stay in? I’m an 18 yo female travelling solo so I’d like to stay somewhere I can meet some people, and be able to travel around easily!!

A few that I’ve looked at…
Travel joy Chelsea
Palmers lodge- Swiss cottage (love the looks of this one, 12 bedded female dorm)
Clink- would you advise just staying at the clink again??
YHA hostels?

Also- does anyone reccomend getting a London pass??


Hi Hollyjane,

My friends recommend Clink 78. They tell me it’s run very well, clean, lively and most importantly, it’s close to London Kings Cross/St Pancras station. I’m staying here myself after my tour, and I remember seeing options for female dorms so you should be covered there.

As for the London pass, go to its website and see if the places you want to visit are listed there. If they are, I would recommend getting the London Pass + travel card, you’ll save money with transport. Also consider that some of the attractions are free (British Museum comes to mind, it’s huge!), so if the pass isn’t for you just get the travel card itself. Just so you know, if you get the 1-3 day travel card (with or without the London pass) and you use it on a weekday its only valid after 9:30am, so take that into account when you’re planning your trip


Hey! Thanks so much for replying! I am already staying at the clink for a total of 4 nights- so I want to try somewhere different too! :slight_smile: a friend has put me onto a hostel called the green man inn which has a bar below it, free breakfast and wifi so I’m looking at that one at the moment!!


I was thinking of staying at the Clink before/ after my tour as well, just thinking that after a few days you’d get to know your bearings around the city. It would be difficult having to re-adjust for another few days?
Just a thought


Hmm! You make a good point Selina89! I’ll definetly take that into account actually! Plus the happy hour at clink isn’t too shabby :wink:


Try the Generator, some of my friends have stayed there and raved about it…


I stayed in London in May this year & stayed in a couple of hostels.

The first place I stayed was the Oxford St YHA which I really loved. It was nice & quiet (although it is listed as Oxford St, it is actually on Noel St which is away from the bustle of the main road) & it was super clean. They list on their website that none of the rooms have bathrooms in them, but there are showers & toilets literally just across the hall from the rooms. I stayed here for 4 nights & wish I stayed here again on my return to London.

Then I stayed at the Clink78. Cant say I would stay there again… the rooms were very very small, & stinking hot with only a small window for a 6 bed room. The bathroom had no space to move & the shower was more like a drain in the corner with a shower curtain to define the shower. The curtain was not effective at keeping water contained to the ‘shower area’! Which meant that the entire bathroom floor stayed wet! I didnt go to the bar but it does seem like a very social place so I guess it would be a great place to meet people. & Good luck finding your way around - its like a maze in there lol.

So those are my opinions/recommendations on a couple :slight_smile: