Re: European Pioneer - July 28th 2011


Hey there, I’m Steph,
getting close to holiday time!
Just wondering if there is anyone else coming on this trip??
I’m traveling by my self and it would be cool to fb some other people before we left :slight_smile:

can’t wait till the trip!


hey steph!

I’m also going with on the tour, and going by myself too!
Can’t wait to leave! super keen :slight_smile:



heyyy im also going on this trip and im a lone sodier :slight_smile: add me on facebook…i need some friends!!! haha!! are any of you staying in the hostel in London on the 27th? This trip shall be amazing!! get in touch!!

oh facebook is Tom Bonnick … toy story display picture!


Hey thanks for the replies :slight_smile:
so excited about the trip too. hope the weather is lovely. where is everyone else from?
see you soon!!