Raunchy and partying!


Hey everyone! Just a quick question regarding whether there is a similar culture between topdeck and contiki. I did a contiki tour last year and am wanting to go to europe this year but most of the contiki tours are booked out during the july/august period. I love going out and having a drink and partying all night long as was the case on contiki…so if someone can fill on some of there experiences. Also how raunchy did things get on your tour? Would love to hear some feedback :)[br][br]Laura xx


Hey this will be my first topdeck tour & i am hoping there will be some partying! im going with my friend & we def want to get a taste of the night life! as for raunchy experiences, they would be ok too :wink: but i deff just want to make lots of friends & have a good time!


I was on You Tube last night found a few short videos of people partying hard on topdeck looks good. This is my first one i fly out next week


I guess you can party up as much as you want…just remember to be on that bus on time for each departure in the morning. You don’t want to miss out. Also, the bus trips can be really long and the last thing you want is to feel seedy on the bus especially when it’s high 30 degrees outside.