Ratio of Men to Women, Egypt


Hi All,

I have been on a few tours now and known many other people who’ve also done them and have noted the constant outnumber of women to men. Not by a few, but by far the women always outnumber the men!

I just got back from one that had ten men and something like 30-40 girls (Half of those men had their partners with them and therefore didn’t really socialise with the rest of us anyway)! And I know someone who is currently on a tour and is the only guy out of 23 people.

Not that it’s to do with hook ups etc, but let’s face it guys can add a lot of humour and “easy-goingness” to a tour.

Does anyone know if Egypt tours are any different to this? I’m presuming since Egypt is generally not a country you’d go to on your own that it’d be more even?

And if there are any guys out there thinking of going on topdeck, encourage your mates!! Every girl on my last tour whinged at the severe lack of men on our tour!



I went to Egypt on a Top Deck tour in Jan this year with my best mate who is male and im female and out of 32 we had pretty much the same amount of males to females and had a ball. I encourage everyone to do this trip. I had the time of my life. :slight_smile: