Ranthambore National Park - Best for Tiger Sighting in the Winter Season


I am a wildlife lover and a avid travel especially to various Wildlife Sanctuaries, National Parks and Reserve Forests to view the raw Nature and its wild beauty so closely. The winter season is coming and I got many queries from the interested people regarding the best wildlife destination in India to spot the tigers in the winter season. However, all the tiger reserve forest in India where Jungle Safari is organized remains open for the tourists and more or less all the tiger reserve offers you the spectacular experience of exploring the Forest. But, my personal experience is Ranthambore National Park is the best place to visit in the winter season. The summer is really worse in the Ranthambore as temperature goes beyond 45 degree in day and the park is closed in monsoon season. So, the winter season is only option to explore it without any trouble as the day time is very pleasant in this season. Just carry enough warm clothes to keep yourself warm during night. Also, carry a blanket with you while going on Jungle safari in the early morning.


I have heard thatRanthambore is one of the best picks to spot tigers. But I was planning the trip in the summers. Thanks for a quick guide, telling how relentless summers there are. I will plan the trip in winters for a better experience. Read More https://indiator.com/tourist-places/ranthambore/