Hey guys,

Just wondering what happens on the tour at the end of the day after all the sightseeing and activites, did people go out to bars/clubs or just hang around? I just wanting to get an idea :slight_smile: Also how did you guys get on with your toiletries? I tend to have a few things I like to take, was it easy to buy more stuff? Also did people get the chance to go shopping?



When I did my trip back a couple of years ago it varied. Most night we had something planned, like a dinner or a night out to local bars / pubs, or some sort of optional activity. The only nights I remember not having anything planned was one night in Prague (we had a total free day which was awesome), when a hug bunch of us ended up going out to a club our trip leader suggested, and one night in Croatia when lots of us went to dinner and found a bar on the beach! Our trip leader was a legend and gave us lots of good ideas if there was nothing Topdeck-y planned for the night.

As far as toiletries, I’d recommend taking less. There were lots of shops / chemists / supermarkets we had access to, and I had taken a MASSIVE bottle of shampoo which ended up just weighing down my bag! If I could do it again I would take a little shampoo and just buy new ones along the way. I barely used other toiletries, like moisturiser and stuff, because I couldn’t really be bothered on holidays. But DO take sunscreen if you’re going in summer, as European sunscreen is only, like, SPF 8! I didn’t know it came that low!!


Awesome, thanks Jane. Thats really helpful, if anyone else has any advice. please let me know :slight_smile:


Hi Tracey,

It’s really up to you - there’s usually a mix of people on the trip. Some passengers prefer to relax and have a quieter night after a big day of sightseeing, while others like to get out and explore Europe’s social night scene. There’s no pressure either way - each individual traveller has different interests and ideas on how to spend their own time, so the choice is yours :slight_smile:

Most toiletries you might want to bring, for instance shampoo, washing powder, insect repellent etc. are easily purchased in Europe or in London before your trip starts. Boots or Superdrug are handy for toiletries, or you could try a pound shop - there’s loads about in London.

You’ll have a chance to do some shopping during your free time!! We try to give you as much free time as possible to explore at your own pace…or shop :wink:

Don’t take our word for it though, keep chatting to other past passengers to see how they went with their trip!

Topdeck Team