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Hi Caleb,

I’m glad this thread has helped you.

I see you also live in Newcastle! I wasn’t aware that the tour starting points were changing and Topdeck hasn’t changed anything on their website to say that. It is a bit worrying considering people may have already booked accommodation already. I’m going to follow that up with Topdeck and see if I can get that confirmed. Which flight centre office in Newcastle did you use?


Hi Coggo. Yep, well just out of newcastle… :slight_smile:

Yeah i was a bit confused when she told me that as well, as i had read a lot about topdeck and the clink. That would be great if you can confirm that for us. I used flight centre Morriset. Once i heard that it was changing i held off booking accommodation straight away and was going to wait till early next year until i was certain of the starting/finishing points.


hi Caleb,

thanks for the info re clink78, it would be nice to know if it’s 100% confirmed so i can cancel my booking and rebook with the updated accommodation. i will try to find out more!



Hey Tracy. Here is the link to the other forum i saw it on as well

“The hostel where you get picked up from has been changed from Clink78 to Wombats (which is currently under construction). I think we will stay there as it will be easiest”

So i think it has been changed. Topdeck needs to post it to their website i reckon!
I hope you will be able change your booking if it is case! :slight_smile:


hey Caleb

i called topdeck and they have confirmed that it has been changed to wombats hostel, which is near the tower bridge, so i will have to book with them and cancel my booking with clink 78, at least i haven’t paid for it and can cancel without a fee. it would have been nicer for them to let us know and not finding out through the forum. other ppl may have to pay a cancellation fee with clink 78.

so Caleb, when are you heading off to Europe? =)


Ah sweet. Its good to have confirmation!
Im flying on the 13th of june from Sydney. How about you? I wish it wasnt so long away! :frowning:


hey caleb, we are heading off to europe on the 17th July and back on the 19 Sept. so at least you are more than a month ahead of us! ahhh long wait! we are filling the next 266days with interstate trips and camping etc to make the time go faster! haha

after looking at the wombats hostel site, it made us felt better coz it looks like a nicer place to stay! at least it will be pretty much brand new! and it will have a nicer view and closer to the river thames.

what other travel plans u have apart from the european pioneer tour?


Hey Tracy. Oh awesome, sounds good. Yeah it does look good. Im doing the mega euro not the pioneer, but besides that im only spending an extra couple of days in and around london, need to get back and earn some $$. But I just found out that i may not be able to take so much time off next year… so i may not be able to go… but I’ll wait and see. :smiley:


oh bummer! hope it works out for you!! have you already booked the tour? tell your work you’ve booked and can’t cancel it! :wink:


Sorry for the late reply and I see you have already answered it but I finally got confirmation from Topdeck that the tours are now leaving from “The Wombat” hostel instead of the Clink78.

I’ve booked just the one night before my tour at the Wombat but will be staying the rest of the time at the Clink. The Wombat is actually pretty expensive compared to some other places.

I haven’t seen Topdeck advertise this anywhere at this stage so if you have booked a tour and want to know where they leave from then it’s from the Wombat Hostel. That’s for Euroclub and Eurocamping trips. EuroHotel departs from a different hotel. Btw i’m pretty sure the Wombat Hostel is still being built . . . .


Bumping this up for any new travellers wanting to read this or ask any new questions.


Hi Coggo.

Could you give us an idea of things that you need to plan/get/do before leaving on the trip? I leave in 4 and a half months and starting to think about what i need to do. I know i need to sort out money (probably citibank account) and a visa for turkey but do you think there is anything else that is important to do/get before leading up to departure? Also what are you planning/what did other people take to store photos? I cant decided whether to bring my large laptop or not (probably not at this stage)



Hi Coggo,

Thank you so much for all the useful information you have posted so far. It answered a lot of questions and concerns I have. I am doing the mega europe tour on june 9th this year and i’m starting to get all organised.

If anyone’s curious i’m putting euros on my qantas card and looking into another anz travel as i used them in indochina last year and had no problems. I am a cash carrier though so atm fees don’t faze me too much.

I was wondering if you could give me some advice about joining the mega european tour in Paris vs joining in London. At the moment i am planning to start topdeck in paris after a spending 3 days there by myself. I’m flying in from Russia and i wanted one day to myself, one day for versailles and another for museum things.

But i was curious as to if anyone on your trip started late? Did they have any problems or miss anything important/interesting by not being there at the beginning? As i am travelling alone i don’t want to miss a chance to connect with everyone.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


Hey Coggo

First off, thanks so much for this thread! It has helped hugely! Just one thing I would like you to clarify on, because Im getting confused over it.

The bag. Can you confirm that we are able to leave our suitcase/main bag in our rooms when we are out exploring?? Or do we have to take everything with us?

I was thinking of taking a suitcase, and a day bag, for the days, and to have on the bus with me. I see you have said that some places don’t have lifts, so have to be carried up the stairs… That doesn’t worry me so much.

Is there any days where we have to take our suitcase with us?

I hope you understand what I mean. lol.

Thanks =)


Hi Caleb,

I guess a list of some of the important things you might need to organise leading up to your trip are:

  • How you are going to carry money (e.g. travel cards or credit cards).
  • Any vaccinations/medications you will need. Go see a doctor and have the list of countries you are visiting with you.
  • Visa’s (depending on where you are going). From what I understand but it may have changed, you don’t need to apply for a turkey visa beforehand for the trip, you get that done at the border and topdeck help you with this. This may have changed though so just check up on that. It should say it on your pre-departure info you will get from Topdeck.
  • Do a FULL run through pack of your bag of what you want to take. You’d be surprised the things you may have forgotten to buy or realise that you are taking too much.
  • Make sure you have spare camera batteries/memory cards
  • Travel insurance
  • Leading up to the trip its a good idea to get into the habit of having 1 or 2 vitamin c tablets each day to build your immune system up for the tour. This might help you avoiding getting sick or at least meaning that your sickness won’t last as long.
  • Do a bit of research on how to get from the airport to where you are planning on staying. The last thing you want to do when you land in a foreign place is to freak out and not know how to get where you need to be.

With regards to storing photo’s, a lot of people just had multiple memory cards and when one was full they would just switch it out and use the next one. Some people did take laptops and transferred all their photo’s over to their laptops. I personally just took multiple memory cards as I didn’t want to have to carry around a laptop with me although it isn’t too bad.

I’m sure I’ve written other useful things in this thread about what you need to have before you head off but I can’t remember them all. Hopefully this helps you. If you have any other questions just let me know.




Hi Lauren,

If you are joining the tour in Paris all you will really miss is the first day’s bus trip. All they do on this is usually get everyone to introduce themselves and say a bit about yourself. As they will meet you that night you won’t miss out on too much at all and because you are going to be on the tour with these people for 49 days you will have plenty of time to connect with everyone. I wouldn’t worry about it at all. That first night you will be with everyone and that is the first group dinner so you will be fine :slight_smile:

If you have any other questions then just ask.




Hi Tania,

I’m glad this thread has helped you :slight_smile:

You are definitely able to keep your main bag/suitcase/travelpack in the hotel/room during the day. Whenever you are exploring you only take what you want to take with you. There are no days where you will have to have your bag/suitcase/travelpack with you when you are exploring the cities.

Hopefully that clears it up for you. Let me know if it still doesn’t make sense




Thanks mate



I just remembered a couple of other important things to take care of before you head off.

  • Write a list of all the bills/rent payments/other expenses which will be due while you are away on holidays and see if you can organise to pay these earlier, later or set up an automatic payment plan. You can also get a mate/sibling to pay some of your bills for you on time while you are away if you trust them. You don’t want to come back from holidays and find that you have been kicked out of your place or they have switched off your power.
  • If you are planning on taking your phone and getting a sim card, really research where the cards will let you make calls and look at the fees for the card.


Thanks Coggo. Also i think turkey has changed their Visa applications now so you can no longer do it at the border, but i think its quite an easy process to do it online before you go.