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Thanks coggo for sharing this, i like that.


Hello All,

I am due to go on the Euopean Pioneer tour next week.
I was wondering if it is wise to book tickets online to tourist attractions for example Ann frank house in Amsterdam or the Versailles in Paris to avoid quing in line for 2hrs etc?

Has anyone done this before?
Any recommendations to utilise time?

Thanks heaps,


Hi Bri,

I never pre booked anything when I did the European Pioneer tour however that being said, people couldn’t get into the Anne Frank house on my tour because the lines were too long. If you know the specific days you are going to be in those cities then pre-booking some of the bigger attractions might be a good idea. You still do need to get to the attractions early though because lines for people who pre-booked things can also get a bit out of control.

I haven’t visited the Versailles so I can’t comment on that one but I do know that the Anne Frank house gets busy really quickly so that would be a good one to prebook if you can.




Hi, Coggo
Can you suggest some interesting places for vacation. I want to go somewhere with my partner. Maybe, do you know some luxury hotels, somewhere near the sea??))


Hi Coggo,

My wife and I are looking at a UK tour however when I read the reviews the ages looked to be 20-30’s. We are young 60 year olds. Would top deck be suitable or is it for a younger crowd?




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What an awesome thread!!! Thanks so much for all you advice!
For Those who going to Ann Arbor. Guided walking food tours to explore the coolest neighborhoods through the medium of food meticulously paired with stories.It will leave lingering memories


Hey guys!

I’m a solo 28yr traveller planning on going on either Empire State of Mind or I love NYC. Just wondering if anyone has gone on these and just wanted some feedback on how the tour was etc.

Any feedback would be fantastic!



Hi coggo,

I’ve booked the winter express tour for November. And just wanted to get any feedback from yourself or anyone about this tour. Specifically for Switzerland stopover, the sledding activity I’m assuming we can hire boots on site? Or any other feedback on the optional activities.
Btw Good post have found this very informative.



hey there, I’m doing the summer fun and sailing tour, starting on the 29th of June. I was wondering if the tour bus had phone charging stations. :slight_smile:


hey guys! any idea if we can arrange to get picked up from th airport when we arrive? Also how would it work being jet lagged with 20+ hr travel…do you recommend going a couple days before ? Specifically I’m thinking of doing thailand , and kind of stressed because i can only do the one on the 22nd july and thats so close!!


Great tips your are giving for this Mega European tour