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Hi Coggo! I have traveled to a lot of places, always alone. Now I am not single anymore and my future travels include my better half as well. He question is fairly simple, I guess. What should I know when I change from a solo traveler to a traveler with a partner. I know things change when people are with you. But upcoming travels will be a new kind of experience for me. Any words of advice on how I should prepare? Thanks!


Hello everyone just chasing some advice for packing for Europe. We are going on a 20 hotel trip in December. I want to pack enough too have but not too much. In your experience how many days would you get out of items of clothing? What should I definitely take and what to leave behind?


Hey Jess,
I went on a 24 day Europe trip in May and I would do washing around every 3 stops. Since I went in Summer temps I’m not sure exactly what you should pack but I know even in Summer temps, I wore a puffer jacket and long pants in London, Paris and Switzerland so it will be really cold!!


Hey guys,
I’m doing the European Wonder tour on the 6th of October until the 19th of October and a few days in London. I was just wondering if anyone had some tips and tricks for me.


Make sure you pack more tops that you think you’ll need because they get dirty more easily than bottoms!



Just got back from doing the Spirit of Europe - where does European Wonder go? In terms of general tips, here are a few:

  • Budget to do all the optionals! It’s how you get to know people on your trip and where the best memories are made
  • Keep your expectations low. The places I thought I wouldn’t like as much I enjoyed way more than I expected.
  • Be friendly and open minded - everyone comes from different pasts and experiences, so be respectful of others and open to their opinions and perspectives
  • Pack as light as possible! Granted, I did my trip in the middle of European summer, so I didn’t need many warm clothes, but keep the colour scheme of your clothes as neutral as possible and you’ll be able to get away with way less clothes. Also pack more tshirt/tops than you think you’ll need because they get dirty really quickly
  • Pack a cross body bag for nights out
  • Book your London accommodation before you leave, especially if you plan to stay at Wombat’s as it’s really popular
  • Consider getting a one day London pass to do all the touristy things in one day. If you plan it out well and have a huge day, you can get way more value for money by getting a pass.
  • Pack cold and flu tablets because you will need them (and you don’t want to end up needing them and it being a Sunday and all the pharmacies are shut like they were when I was away).
  • If you’re a student, don’t forget your student ID as sometimes you can get cheaper entry into attractions.

That’s all I can think of!


Will be heading off on the European Pathway from October 18th. Just a question regarding the optional activities in every country. I’ve noticed some people mention that they book particular activities before the tour starts. I was told by somebody that you only book your extras when the tour starts and everyone is together. So if, for example, i want to go skydiving in the Swiss Alps, should I just be waiting until the tour starts to organise it then or is there something i’m missing about booking it in advance???



Hey Kelly, have you done your tour yet? I live in Toronto and would be happy to give you some tips!

Let me know.


I would agree with everything the previous person said and would also recommend the London Pass.
Are you leaving from Wombats or from the Burns Hotel? I just did a tour in July that left from the Burns hotel. It was okay - there are other hotels nearby also, but it was nice to stay at the same hotel that the tour leaves from :slight_smile:

There is so much to do in London but with the London Pass you get admission to just about everything plus free transportation. I bought the pass and was there for 5 days and I loved having it.

Hope that helps!


Definitely visit the London Dungeons just beside the London Eye!! It was a trip highlight for me!!


Hey! I think we are on the same tour together (from my minimal use of the chat function on the app)- I’m keen to do skydiving aswell and i think from what I have seen that our tour guide will have sign up sheets for the extras :smile:


Hey Guys,

I’m looking at booking the Canadian Rockies Tour.

I haven’t been to Canada before and can’t decide what month!

My options are ;

End of May departure, June or August.

Has anyone been in May / June and can tell me what the weather is generally like?

Any suggestions would be amazing - Thank you!


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Hi all

Im doing Hadrians Path from March 24th and I have to be at the hotel Villa Torlonia in rome to meet the group. Any idea how to get there from the airport in rome? Subway? Taxi?

Ive gotten the suggested packing list but can anyone confirm how cold it will be? the list seems generic so i dont want to be unprepared for the weather.

Thanks in advance



June is the good but there greater chance of gravel on the road,snowfall…

listed below degree in Celsius and Fahrenheit degree are:
High Low City High Low
75F 55F London, Ontario 24C 13C

I hope this help u…
If u any problem then u freely ask me


Hi all! Doing the European pathway on 31st May. We have a free day in London before hand (already spending 2 days on hop on hop off bus/explore and making of Harry potter) and other must sees which I won’t see on the bus days? We are also leaving the tour early and spending extra time in Paris and we have a free day (already doing Versailles and 2 days in Paris Disneyland) another must sees?

Unsure if we should do helicopter or jungfrau in Switzerland?

Any tips are welcome!



Hey guys! This thread is amazingly helpful! Im doing the European Wonder tour in Sept/Oct and was wondering if anyone has done the Vatican City Visit and if it was worth it? Or better to use that time to explore Venice more?
I was also wondering if anyone can give me some tips for the weather around that time? I have a big warm jacket that I’m planning to take, and a puffer vest, but I’m not sure if the puffer vest will just be a waste of space? Thanks in advance!


Hi Taz,

Are you talking about the Vatican City visit you do in Rome? The one I did in Rome was very enjoyable.

September is still usually pretty nice weather although it is starting to get a little bit colder then. The temps are around the low 20’s (celcius) for max and around the 10’s for minimum. You probably wouldn’t need a big puffer vest. Just a warm jumper and shirt should be fine. It depends on where you will be though.

I hope this helps



Hi Colin,

There are a lot of must sees in both London (an the UK) and in Paris. Depending on the time you have in London, I’d recommend looking at doing a day tour which gets you out of the city. I did a great tour which took us to Windsor Castle, Bath, Stonehenge and one other place I can’t remember. It as great to get out of the city and explore some of the other towns/cities out there. I did this all in one day on a bus tour and would highly recommend it if you have the spare day.

In Paris some places I would recommend would be getting to spend some more time in the Louvre, doing the Catacombs, seeing the Eiffel Tower at night, the Moulin Rouge and the Sacre-Coeur. There are heaps of things to see but these are some of the things that stand out to me.

If you really want to skydive then the helicopter ride above the valley was such an amazing place to do it. If that isn’t your bag of chips then Jungfrau is a good way to spend 3/4 of your day (if its a nice day up there). Also the Trummelbach Falls close to Lauterbrunnen are also a fun thing to check out. Especially if it’s a bit of a rainy day up on the mountain.

I hope this gets to you before your trip and sorry for the slow reply.


Hi Taz,
I did the Vatican tour in 2013 and it was great! I found our Vatican guide (old dude, not with Topdeck, some local guy) quite boring so I wandered off on my own with a few others to take photos of the gardens. The museums were beautiful and Sistine Chapel was very peaceful. We spent so much time going through the museums, and it was so crowded in some areas that some of our group didn’t have time to check out the church and square. I’m going back in July for another Topdeck tour and flying in a day early to see the square and church part which is free. :slight_smile:
Hope that helps!!