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Hi, No, it’s only the studio tour. Sorry, that’s just what I call it. I actually didn’t know there was already a Harry Potter World. Haha.



I’m trying to decide between two tours, one Hotel, and one Club. I am a solo traveler, and called Topdeck and was told there were only 3 or 4 solo travelers on the Hotel trip and that it was mostly couples, which makes me think it may not be as good a trip to go on socially. Could anyone with experience tell me if they think the Club trip is the right one to go on if I want to meet more people?



Hi Coggo and everyone else!

This thread is super amazing and super helpful!

I was just wondering if anyone has ever started their tour in Athens. I’m doing the Eastern Adventure starting 5th June, and fly directly to Athens from Melbourne. I’m not sure what the best way to get from the airport to the Best Western Candia Hotel in Athens. I’m not sure how cabs go (is it safe and whatnot?), but I’m not sure what else would be good.

Thanks, guys!


Hi jrubenfire,

I would definitely recommend doing the Club tour if you are a solo traveller. It will be filled with a lot of other single travellers or friends who are travelling together. Not to say that you wouldn’t have fun on the Hotel tour but I feel like if you are keen to get out there and meet new people then the club tour would probably be a better option as there would be quite a few people who would be travelling by themselves on those trips who you can meet up with.




Hi Maddie,

I’ve never started a tour in Athens however I’ve been there a couple of times now and have found that getting around Athens is fairly easy and safe.

Getting from the Airport to the Candia Hotel I would personally take the Metro. My experiences were that the metro was very well signed and easy to use. The Hotel is located between 2 metro stations (Larissis & Metaxourgio).

So from the airport you take the blue metro line till Syntagma square and then switch lines (take the red line ) in Syntagma square till Larissis or Metaxourgio station. Hotel is 3 minutes from there.

I have never taken a taxi in Athens and I’m sure that most taxi drivers are fine but you still need to be cautious. From my experiences in Europe, nearly every time I got into a taxi they would try to take me the long way or charge me too much. If you are set on getting a taxi from the airport then look into pre-booking a taxi from the airport for a set price and that way you know how much you are paying and shouldn’t get ripped off.

I hope this helps.




Thank you so much!
That is super helpful :slight_smile:

Just another little thing -
Can anyone who has been on both Contiki & Topdeck do a little comparison for me?
I have been on two Contiki tours through Europe, but this is my first time doing Topdeck!
Any help would be fantastic!

Thanks so much!


Hi Maddie,

I’m going to preface this with saying the below is completely my opinion and may be completely wrong!!

I’ve never been on a Contiki tour but I’ve found that the Topdeck and Contiki tours follow each other to a lot of the same places. I’ve also had a couple of friends who have done both. I know there are a lot of good and bad things said about both companies but from what I have seen (an this is just my opinion) the major difference between Contiki and Topdeck tours will probably be a slight age difference between the groups (and maybe maturity??). Topdeck seem to have a slightly older crowd on their tours (22-28) compared to Contiki who have a lot of 18-22’s. I’m not saying that that will be the case on your tour but from the tour groups I’ve seen that is the major difference I have seen. I feel like the people who go on Topdeck tours are a tiny bit older and are there to firstly see the sights AND have fun at night. They aren’t just there to party. Both of my Topdeck tours have had people aging from 18 to 34 but everyone got along well and we had so much fun. My friends who went on their Contiki tours had an absolute blast as well but found the groups were a bit younger and more party orientated. Once again though, it all depends who you get on your tour.

You will find they are pretty much the same though. They will go to the same cities, see the same sites, and have very similar people on both tours. So long as you get out there and try to meet people you will have a great time. The only other thing my friends from Contiki told me is that Topdeck give you quite a bit more free time and will never pressure you into doing optional activities. They give you a lot of free reign to do what you want which is awesome :slight_smile:




Thank you!
Yeah that’s what I have heard too!


Hey guys! We’re travelling on an 18 day top deck tour to Europe on October. Just a couple of questions both in general and for those who have been during that time.

  1. Was October less busy in terms of people at the big cities/how many people were on the tour?

  2. Are people open to talking to couples on tour? It’s myself and my boyfriend travelling. We did a Contiki tour of New Zealand and found that a lot of the single, solo travellers gravitated more towards other single/solo people even though we definitely kept ourselves open and chatted to everyone. It was the same with other couples on the tour, so I wasn’t sure if it was a thing with all similar tours.

Thanks for any help/advice that you can offer me :slight_smile:


I realize most people on this topic are talking about European tours, but I have some questions about the Canadian Rockies tour…

This will be my first time travelling without anyone, and flying without anyone and I’m pretty much freaking out at that, and meeting everyone on the tour.

I’m hoping that everyone will be like some of the people on the European tours and will be friendly!

But I’m more stressed about the flying part. I’ve flown before, but never alone before, or having to catch a connecting flight.

Can someone please calm my nerves and tell me I’m doing the right thing by going on this trip?? Thanks!!

Also, can anyone recommend a site for cheap airfare from Toronto to Vancouver??



I am seeking information on the tours/activities that are offered as optional (as well as general places of interest we may want to visit on the trip). I have been getting tips from others that have traveled Europe and their suggestions are to get tickets ahead of time to avoid long lines. How is this handled with the tour groups? I hate to miss out on something because the lines are 2 hours long when I could have purchased a ticket beforehand and been able to get in! But on the other hand, (since I’m traveling solo), I hate to have a ticket when no one else does and end up going off by myself all day.

I am booked for the Essential Europe Tour July 12-23, 2016.



very useful, thanks buddy…


Hi jrubenfire,
The Hotel tours don’t have to be just couples, but if couples are traveling together they will do a hotel tour as that’s the only price tier that they can share rooms. If you think you’d be more comfortable with singles rather than couples, go the Club, just in case.


Hi guys!
I’m doing a Europe Inspired Tour in September this year. I am a running fanatic and need to keep my fitness up while I’m away - is it safe to go for an early morning run by myself, and is this realistic (how early do you start your days on Europe tours? Like, can I fit it in before we have to be ready to go?). I’m assuming I’m not the first one to want to do this :smiley: haha
Georgia :slight_smile:


Can anyone tell me about the 17 day European pathway tour? Or can someone tell me about what to pack for October in Europe?


Hey Corinne.
Did you find out any info regarding this topic? My sister and I leave next week and I’ve been wondering the same thing.


Hi Sammy,

It sounded like the optional activities will be handled by the Tour Guide, the other tickets are up to each of us and deciding if we want to get them beforehand or not. I figured I would play it by ear til the first day and talk to the guide/others on plans going forward since I’m sure we could order online a few days prior. Moulin Rouge is something I will be getting tickets prior to leaving though. Don’t want to miss that!!

Happy travels!


Hi sorry to bother. But do you perhaps know the name of the hotel that we will be staying in in Switzerland?


Hi! This post has been extremely helpful so thank you! Quick question about currency for anyone who has been through Switzerland as part of their tour - I’m doing the European Pioneer and want to do the Jungfrau excursion optional extra. From what I understand, you have to pay for optional extras in cash on the bus? How many Swiss Francs did people pull out before starting the trip to ensure they had enough for Jungfrau?


Hey Hayley, I’ve just come back from a Top Deck tour and I had 30 francs before the trip started. You have so many options to get Francs out and your guide will always tell you where the nearest ATM is! I’d say don’t worry about having the right amount before the trip and just do it when you get there :slight_smile: