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Coggo - Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Caleb - Yeah, you have to apply online for your turkey visa no greater than 60 days before you travel. You then need to have a copy of it with you (print-out or phone picture) when you arrive at the border before they will allow you entry. It’s all done online so you can do it from anywhere before you travel and you don’t have to send your passport off or anything. I did some research as i’ll be in china when my 60 days starts :slight_smile:

If you look-up turkey on the travel smart website they have a link for you to use to apply and some more info.


Thanks Caleb and Lauren!

I have a quick look and this site is pretty helpful when finding out info about turkey and getting visa’s.


Hi everyone :slight_smile: quick question for you all… has anyone ever done 3 separate Topdeck tours all in a row? I’m wanting to do Discover France, Bravo Italia, and Greek Island Hopper, and I was just wondering if this is doable and cost effective? Appreciate any tips/advice you may have! Thank you :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hi Trelise,

You should be fine doing 3 separate Topdeck tours in a row. This year i’m planning on doing the European Pioneer and then the Croatian Sailing tour right after it. My advice would be to make sure you have at least a day or two between the tours to recover/wash clothes/catch up on sleep/travel to your next departure point. Besides that you should be fine and you’ll have a great time on the three trips!


Hi Coggo,

Wow - this is amazing. I can tell that you really want to make other members trips great by sharing your experiences.

I am actually doing the East Meets West tour in May which connects with the Mega. I am wondering what the buses were like - comfortable? Were there assigned seats?

Are you able to recall at all the time you were in Amsterdam? I’d like to do the morning bike tour and then hopefully get front of the line tickets to the Anne Frank house but I need a specific time and Top Deck won’t provide any details (yet?) - do you recall what time you left Amsterdam for London?



Hi Courtney,

From my experience the buses were pretty comfortable. The trip I was on got one of the newer buses and no one had any complaints. It’s as comfortable as a bus can be I guess haha. There were no assigned seats. There were a couple of girls who sat at the front of the bus on our tour but that was because they suffered from travel sickness and sitting up the front helped them. After a while everyone would usually end up pretty much sitting in the same places on the bus but you can sit wherever. First in, best dressed in the mornings for getting a seat.

I can’t 100% remember but I think the bike tour in Amsterdam started at around 8am or 9am? On the bike trip we rode past the Anne Frank house and there was already a huge line-up. If you want to get to the front of the line for that place you would have to get there a lot earlier then when the bike tour starts as it’s a main tourist attraction.

I think we left Amsterdam relatively early (were on the bus by like 7am?) to leave to London as it’s a big drive day including a ferry trip and a stop in Belgium. DO NOT book anything important for that night in London as the time you get back can greatly vary depending on the ferry and traffic and you could get into London quite late.

My last trip was in 2012 so I note that times such as when the bike tour starts and when you leave Amsterdam for London may have drastically changed so keep that in mind.

Hopefully that helped you and if you have any other questions just ask.




Thanks Coggo! I was just wondering about the times because you can now pre-book tickets to Anne Frank’s house but you have to specify a time. I’ll have to hope I hear from Top Deck with a more detailed itinerary.


Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. I do remember getting there relatively early but can’t remember the exact time. We did have to go in two groups as there was too many of us. Luckily I got to go on the first group which meant I had more free time. If Topdeck can’t give you an answer then once you are on your tour just ask your tour leader and they might be able to give you a more exact time.


Great - thank you Coggo!


Hi Coggo,

What an awesome thread! Has answered so many of my questions and has been very insightful. :slight_smile:

I am doing a European Pioneer tour next month and am wanting to take a backpack for day use, and I was wondering about the security of it.
I understand it’s mostly common sense but I’m a little nervous.
I have seen some ‘anti-theft’ bags that have a sort of hidden lock for your zips that is hard for pickpockets to access and has wire in the straps so it cannot be cut.
I was just hoping I could grab your opinion on something like this, or whether you thought a backpack possibly with my own lock on it would be sufficient?

Thank a lot!


Hi Coggo! Thanks for providing us with this very helpful thread!

I’m doing Scandinavia this summer so the only city that overlaps is Berlin, but I found a lot of your information to be quite relevant. It’s been five years since I’ve done a big trip like this so reading it was a good refresher - especially your tips about spending money.

  • Meg


Hi Coggo!

Your posts have been so helpful! I’m curious as to how easy it is to communicate with the locals for shopping/dining purposes.



Hi all, I’m planning to book a solo trip to Europe this July and can’t decide which tour to choose.

I am tossing up between the Europe Uncovered or Grand European tours. Has anyone done them? any advice/comments or recommendations would be great! Thanks


Hi Coggo, When are you off to Europe? I seem to recall that you were going around mid June sometime. Im leaving on the 13th of June from sydney and starting the Mega Euro on the 16th. Might see you around!!


Sorry I haven’t responded to any questions of late as I have only just returned from 2 months in Europe! :smile: Even though I’m probably too late to answer people’s questions in time for their trips I’ll answer them anyway in case it helps other travellers in the future.

Kelsey, in regards to backpacks/large handbags for day use I really don’t think you need to splash out on an anti-theft bag unless you are planning on carrying large sums of cash/ipads or other expensive items constantly with you or unless you want the peace of mind. Usually the most expensive thing you will be carrying is a camera and that will be either in your hands or around your neck. A backpack with your own lock is usually more that sufficient. After just returning from another 2 months in Europe I’ve found that most pickpockets will only focus on easy targets like wallets in back pockets, bags which don’t close/zip up. They usually only target more elderly travellers as well as they are easier targets. All of my last tour either just had backpacks or large handbags and no one was targeted. So long as you can zip up/close your bag you should be fine. Just remember when you are on public transport or large crowds keep the bag in front of you on your chest or somewhere where you can see it.

Meg, I’m glad the blog has been able to help you. I’m jealous of your trip! I really would love to explore Scandinavia. Hopefully I’ll get there one day. Enjoy your trip.

Becca, it’s really easy to communicate with locals for shopping and dining. Most people in Europe speak at least broken English of some sort. There will be times where you will just have to play ‘shopping charades’ where you have to mime exactly what you want but generally it’s fine. All shops will have price’s you will be able to read and pretty much every chemist I talked to was able to understand cold and flu, cough medicine, strepsils etc. When dining there will be times when you won’t understand some things on the menu and you might not get a straight answer as to what it is. This can happen anywhere (even in Australia) and you can be adventurous and risk it or just try something else. The majority of restaurants in Europe will have a local language menu and an English menu. Just ask the waiters if they have a English menu and 9 times out of 10 they will.

Emzynr, all the advice I can give about choosing a tour is look at both itineraries and see which places you would prefer to see and what optionals are also included which you would want to do.

Caleb, sorry for the late reply but I was in Europe from the 13th of June until the 8th of August. I hope you enjoyed your trip.

As the summer season is nearly over there probably won’t be too many more questions at this stage however if there are any people planning a trip for next year and have questions then ask away.




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Hi Coggo,
I’ve sent you an email regarding this.



Hi Coggo,

I was curious to know, that in your experience, how strict Topdeck tours was when enforcing luggage size/weight restrictions when going on your trip?


Hi Jessie,

Going off my last tour they didn’t actually weigh or size the bags before putting them on the bus. That being said I’m pretty sure they won’t let you take more that one large suitcase on the bus. You can take smaller day bags in the cabin of the bus with you though. So long as you are pretty close to the size and weight restrictions you should be fine as are generally lenient. Just don’t plan on taking multiple massive bags on the trip as it’s not fair for the other 40 passengers if you are taking up a heap of space under the bus as well as taking up a heap of space in the rooms as some rooms can be quite close quarters.




Cheers Coggo that helps alot,

I have a suitcase that was a few centimetres over the measurements so that helps alot :slight_smile: