Questions of a newbie traveller! HELP!


Hi guys,

I’ve booked the Mega European tour leaving 12 June 2012 and this will be the first time I’ve been overseas.

Just a couple of quick questions for anyone who has done a Topdeck tour or has some answers/advice.

  1. For anyone who has done the Flotilla Sailing, did everyone have and use their sleeping bags?

  2. As I’m going to be over there for around 8 weeks and suggestions of the best type of shoes to take?

  3. Specifically for guys, any tips on the best types of clothes I should take?

  4. For anyone who has done the Mega European tour or something similar, any tips or handy hints for a newbie traveller?

Cheers guys! B-)


Can’t help you with all of them but can for some.

2/ Shoes - been many discussions on here about what shoes to take. When i went the biggest mistake i made was not taking some good walking shoes. You do so much walking it aint funny! I took 2 pairs of skate shoes, a pair of going out shoes and some sandles/thongs/flipflops/jandels… I’m traveling again this year and plan on taking a good pear of hiking type shoes (from Katmandu or Anaconda), a pair of skate shoes and sandles…

3/ I traveled earlier in the season (May) and had a mixture of mainly summer type clothes, but I did take a pair of jeans, a pair of tracksuit pants and a jumper… even in may I think the jumper only came out a couple of times… I also took a light/mid weight jacked that was handy… most days I was in shorts and a t-shirt, I would think in June this would be more likely!


Hi Trent,

Thanks for the help. I’m thinking I’m going to either get a good pair of joggers or the walking shoes from Katmandu before I head off. I’m also hoping its going to be nice and warm weather when i’m over there so I can live in the shorts and t-shirt for most of the time.



I don’t think you’ll have an issue with the weather that time of year… also a good idea (which i actually ended up buying when I was over there) was a light wait water proof jacket… came in handy when the heavens opened up… which was frequent at the time of year i traveled…


When did u go Trent I’m doing a summer fun and sailing tour on the 7th of September n I was wondering if it was a bit close to winter


hi, last summer i did the first half of mega european and this summer im doing the second half, with regards to the sailing, u do need ur sleeping bag, and a pillow (or sweater) there is 5 or 6 to a boat and two beds and a small couch, but if the weather is nice u can sleep on the top of the boat, its amazing.
i packed too many clothes (travelled for 3months) i packed for what i wear here and not logically for travelling, plus if u buy stuff like me u will just have more clothes, so pack the bare minimun, plus in hostels u can do ur laundry in the sink or tub as often as u need
and get good walking shoes!!! i had brand new ones and wore them completly out in 3 months


Hi Tammy,

The tour I did started on the 30th of April so it was right at the start of the season. I’m going for the other end of the season this year, our first tour starts on the 24th of September. I’ve been using Tripit (free internet and iphone app) which actually tells you the average weather for the time of year at each location… takes a bit to setup but once it’s done it’s done (has been more helpful for us as we’re doing a fair bit of travel apart from top deck so lots to organise and keep track of).