Questions - excursions and clothes


Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I am going on the Mega EuroCamping trip July 11th 2010. I have a couple questions and they are kind of silly.

First question - about the optional excursions, I have read up on them and understand everything but what I would like to know is can we do something else instead of the optionals or do we have to stick to the list. Example; In Switzerland Lauterbrauenn there are 2 optionals, skydiving and jungrafru, I was wondering if instead of doing those I wanted to go bungee jumping in Interlakken (on my own cost of course). Just wondering if you are allowed to do that or have to stick to the list.

Second question; Clothes for the ‘Churches’

I know you need to cover your chest, shoulders, and knees. For covering my shoulders I was just going to get like a half of a sweater that covers my shoulders and buttons up. I find that a lot of the dresses in Canada I would probably wear don’t cover your knees. There are some of course but they are something I wouldn’t want to wear. So my question is if I bought a dress that doesn’t fully cover my knees but I wear like black leggings with it that goes over my knees, would that be acceptable over there or frowned upon?

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:

Sincerly, Aleese.


hey there aleese,
You definitely dont have to stick to the optionals, you can do watever you want. but i would definitely recommend doing teh jungfrau excursion it is probably my favourite thing in europe. Intrlaken is really easy to get to from lauterbrunnen, you can either get a train or if its run by outdoor interlaken they actually have a van that will pick you up from where you will stay.
With the clothing there were plenty of girls who wore black tights under dresses and skirts to enter churches. instead of the sweater you could always pack like a scarf or a shawl just to wrap around your shoulders.
you will love this trip any other questions just ask


Thank you soo much! Those were just some of my major questions that I really wanted answered. I would really like to go on the jungfrau excursion but I also want to do something extreme, not sure if I can do both but maybe I will look in to it. I’m really glad that you don’t have to do the optionals if you don’t want to either. Kind of nice to know you have more freedom that way as well. Thanks for you’re help!


no worries glad i could help


HI Aleese,

One of the things I love about Top Deck is that as long as the trip leader knows where you are (so they don’t leave without you etc), you can pretty much do what you want. There were a number of nights when we didn’t head back to the campground with the bus but stayed on in town and did our own thing. The TL even gave us advice on the public transport we would need to get back and what time it shut down and we’d need to move to taxis.

As for optionals, you’ll probably find that there will be a number of people on tour who have done a TopDeck tour before and won’t want to be doing the same optionals. My experience is that there hasn’t been any pressure to do the options and you can change your mind to a yes on the day for most things (changing your mind to a no is a bit more difficult :)).

As for church clothes etc, wrap a sarong around your waist - they are brilliant as they also come in handy on the beach, can be whipped off as soon as you’ve left the church, take up no room in your backback and can double as a scarf for the evenings.



Thank you, everything you guys have said has been very helpful and I will take all of it into consideration. I am even more excited now that I know that I can plan a few things on my own. Glad I got these questions answered.

Thanks again!

Aleese ;D