Questions about solo travel


Hi! Just wondering if previous travellers found solo travel easy with topdeck? I’m going on the European Getaway in July and a little bit nervous as it is my first time travelling solo!
Thank you!


Hey, I’ve done it before. It was pretty easy. Nervous to start out with but once you meet everyone it’s pretty good. Don’t stress to much cause you won’t be the only solo traveller on the tour :slight_smile:


@Heather_Ingram thank you! Did you do like team building activities to get to know each other? I’ve heard that some groups do and that it helps!


Hey! I’ve travelled solo with Topdeck and a couple of other tour companies before and it’s always been totally fine :slight_smile: It’s super easy to meet people and when youre pretty much seeing the same group of people every day and night, you make good friends really quickly. So don’t be too nervous, you’ll love it!
The first Topdeck tour I did, they did like a ‘speed dating’ thing where you talked to someone for one minute and then moved to the next person etc. until you’d at least introduced yourself to everyone on the bus. I personally hate that kinda thing because it feels forced, but it’s definitely a good way to get a quick intro to everybody and break the ice a little bit.
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! I’m doing two more Topdeck tours this year so I’ll be a veteran by then haha


Hi ya
I did two tours last year back to back (spirit of Europe and the UK and ireland winter tour) and I found it simple and easy as a lot of people, whether solo or partners/friends, where first timers with this kind of travel. The trip leader I had were both helpful and informative so they explain all your cares and worries for you. I’m also going for my third solo trip with topdeck in two months so I’m sure I’ll have another grest experience


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Hey ya what other trips are you doing? It’s always exciting


Thanks Heather! I can’t wait :slight_smile:


Yeah I think that’s why I’m so nervous. I usually travel on my own but not tours… yet…
sounds very confronting but it will be good for me. Enjoy your tours. Where else are you heading off too? Thanks for your advice too :slight_smile:


Oops forgot to say your name - Ashleigh


I personally hate things like that cause I feel so awkward. But it helps and eventually you’ll get to know everyone in your own way over the trip.


At least you’ll know for sure if yours are for you or not after you’ve done this one!
I’m doing a UK/Ireland tour solo and then meeting up with a couple friends that I actually met on my 2016 US Topdeck tour in London and we’re doing a big Europe tour together :slight_smile: