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Hi,[br][br]I have received my further info with relation to the tour I am going on (European Getaway - 3rd Oct) and can see that many of the activities we’d like to do are in Austria - which is great…however, I (and most of my family) are avid collectors of Swarovski crystals. As we only have 1 night in Austria, and we’ll be in the Tyrol region, which was the main reason for why we booked this tour as opposed to others - many didn’t provide Austria as an option - can you please advise if it will be possible for our bus to stop (I’ll only need 15-20 minutes) in Wattens for a Swarovski tour. This is our first trip to Europe and visiting the Swarovski factory was our biggest “must do”. When speaking to a TopDeck member at a travel expo, we were told that it wouldn’t be a problem for us to get there and that we’d have plenty of time - however, I don’t see how this will be possible considering we’d like to do all 3 activities available in Austria.[br][br]Is there any chance a note can be made on our tour for a stop here? If this is not possible, I will need to know as we may need to terminate our tour early to have enough time to make it back there, which would really be a shame, but as I said when speaking with one of your travel consultants, it’s really not negotiable for us.[br][br]I am so sorry, as I know how ridiculously selfish this sounds, but just a 15 minute toilet stop would be enough time for me to get in and out in time![br][br]To other members…did your tour bus stop there at all???[br][br]Awaiting your reply![br]Bec and Russ[br][br]Becky and Russell[br]European Getaway - Dept 3rd Oct-22 Oct 2009[br]From Sydney, Australia


Hi Guys,[br][br]This is an operational question so let me check and get back to you.[br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Anita


Hello again Becky & Russell,[br][br]Regrettably, we cannot guarantee that stop. It is possible if you ask the Trip Leader and the Driver that they might be able to fit it in, but as you?re only in Tyrol for one night, and there will be many people wanting to do activities that afternoon, it is unlikely that there will be time to make an unscheduled stop. [br][br]On a positive note the Swarovski Crystals in Wattens is somewhere you?d want to spend more than 20 minutes, so it is probably worth it for you to head back there independently! [br][br]Best wishes,[br][br]Anita[br][br]