Question for admin


Hi,[br][br]Im doing the summer fun and sailing in august and wanting to get some idea about the costs for sights ie museums etc. I have the optional extra list and costings but what are the price to get into places we actually go into on the tour.[br][br]Would be great to get an estimate just as a guide.[br][br]Thanks[br][br]Maree:)


I’d like to know this as well… I’m doing the Adriatic Voyager, so would go to some of the same places as Summer fun and sailing. The optional extras lists extra activities, but what about other things like the Colosseum, or Vatican, or other places we go to along the way? Thanks


Hello Maree,[br][br]We normally recommend that you budget for 5-15 Euros per museum you want to visit plus another 10 Euros if you plan to use an audio guide (recommended: it makes it a much more enjoyable experience).[br][br]These prices differ depending on which country you are in, how famous the museum is etc. but your Trip Leader will give you info sheets for each destination before you get there.[br][br]Have a great trip![br][br]Anita


Hi Admin, [br][br]I also have some questions regarding food (B,L,D)[br]can you provide a general list of foods we may be eating for each time of day?[br][br]Also, do we get bottled water provided from the tour?[br][br]Thanks[br][br]Summer Fun and Sailing [br]July 3, 2009[br]:slight_smile: