Question about returning home


I know this may sound silly but it has actually had me very concerned. I will be traveling with the Essential Europe in may. The tour actually ends in London, but it was significantly less expensive to fly back from Paris, so we chose that. Our Flight is leaves Paris at 12:15p.I have nightmare of missing the flight because I dont know what time the tour departs to London (which is when we would depart to the airport), or how I am going to get to the airport. Help?


Are you meant to be flying from Paris on the last day of your tour? If so, I think you’ll be fine. According to your itinerary, you’re spending the last 2 days in Paris, then heading over to London in the evening. You can probably just stay in Paris and catch your flight rather than going back to London. Even if everyone departs Paris in the afternoon, you can probably just leave earlier (and inform the tour guide) and get a taxi/shuttle to the airport.


yeah im sure you can leave the group early - if its the same as european getaway which i am doing, we get to london about 9pm.