Question about Itenirary/ optionals


I am on the essential europe. On may 18th. How can I know a more detailed itenirary so I can know how many optionals I can do? It also seems like a really short list. Is that all of it?


hey paola, i got some info about some of this optional stuff…email me at



Hi Paola,

There tends to be 1-2 options in each place you visit, so your list won’t be a long one. I recommend the Mt Titlus trip in Lucerne (and while you’re there, if you have time also do the walk around the town walls - it’s free and you get great views). If you like dry wine, then the wine tasting in the Rhine may be a bit of a surprise as the wines start sweet and end up at honey! In Paris, try the fat tyre bike tour - a different way to get around Paris.

Stacey :slight_smile:


Well the didn’t even have listings for every city. But I’ve been checking daily and they’ve updated a few things. Maybe by the time I go the whole list will be up!