Quality of tour


hey! I’ve been reading all the comments/posts etc, and am just wondering how true the opinions are that I have read about the quality of Topdeck tours versus other similar operations (such as Contiki). A lot of people have various complaints about Topdeck, is it as bad as they make out? I’m a bit worried about all the contrasting opinions…


Topdeck was great, i’ve had a lot of mates that have done Contiki and we saw plenty along the way. Both are good but from speaking to people that do contikis, it seems Topdeck is the preferred option as you get to experience the culture a lot more. The main points that set Topdeck ahead of other 18-30’s trips.

  1. Topdeck stay in accomidation closer to the city rather than in Contiki Villages along way out of town.
  2. A lot of good quality restaurant meals in Local restuarants as opposed to Contiki chefs.
  3. A lot more free time with more flexible options.
  4. Fun Trip leaders who are there to help and make sure you are informed on all the places and make sure you have a great time.
  5. Ok this is a bit of a sterotype but from what i saw first hand and have been told is there is a lot of guys and girls who are just on the tour to sleep around. Were Topdeck is a bit more laid back everyone loved to go out and party but still to enjoy every moment and see most of the sites. No arrogant idiots who spoil every ones time and are respectful of the ones that didn’t want to party as much.

Like i said both are fun but have exchanged many Topdeck stories with Contiki the above are the points that seem to be made


Lol and don’t forget to add that the average age on Topdeck tends to be A LITTLE older. Not much but still - good for people like me who are young at heart at 26 :slight_smile:

And Mick - you should be a sales rep :stuck_out_tongue: lol you woulda sold me right there!


Thanks for posting your positive comments guys. I was worried when I read the first post.

Sounds like what I am after! I am 27, definitely young at heart…want to have alot of fun but I dont want some arrogant girl or guy ruining it for me.

Sounds good. I cant wait!


Hi all.
Im a young at heart 27 year old also. I picked Top Deck because i also heard it was not as ‘trashy’ as Conntiki and that you got to experiance the culture (and remember most of it).


I have done both Contiki and Topdeck and had an awesome time with both companies. I did do the Hotel option with contiki which brings a slightly older crowd than the camping option. Now I pick with tour does what I want and fits in with my timing - I had a great time with all my trips :slight_smile:


I have done a 21 day tour with Contiki and 5 Festival/short break tours with Top Deck. I have also had a good time with both companies. The only reason I have done more trips with Top Deck is that they were offering what I was looking for at the time. And the discounts I have gotten for being a repeat customer certainly don’t hurt!