Qantas Economy vs Premium Economy



I am wondering if anyone has traveled on the Qantas A380 and what are the differences between the international economy and premium economy offerings, is it just a bigger seat in premium. Am seriously considering it as Qantas has sent out an e-mail offering $350 upgrade or 35,000 points to upgrade from any economy fare to premium.


I was lucky enough to get an upgrade on my flight home from San Fran last year. Really the only difference was the seat, it was bigger and layed back more(not right back tho) & you got a better blanket and pillow. The food, entertainment etc was the same as economy.
I will admit to having a great sleep on that flight which I don’t normally get when flying!!!


I flew Quantas economy for 15 hours straight and I have no complaints! I’m also really tall, so I like a lot of legroom. I had a standard seat and was just fine, plenty of room. Their economy is pretty good!