Pyramids to Petra March 2018



I am a 25 year old Australian Female

I am wanting to travel on the Pyramids to Petra tour in March/April 2018

I will be travelling alone and I was hoping that another solo traveller is also looking at travelling then and wants a room buddy! Haha

Egypt not being the safest country in the world I would feel better with another person and travel companion haha

Looking forward to lots of fun memories


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I am a 23-year-old female from the US and I will also be traveling alone on the March/April 2018 tour.

I am so glad you posted this as I was also feeling nervous about solo travel through that region.

If you are on Instagram, we should connect! My handle is @_hael.



I am just curious, how did the trip go in Egypt?
Was there any problems of issues?
Have been thinking of doing a trip there for sometime.


I’m so sorry I literally only just realised people had been replying! I am still yet to visit Egypt!
I ended up going to Nepal in April and next month I’m going to China. April 2019 I’m going to Bali so I’m thinking September/October 2019 for Egypt now!