Pyramids & beaches-


Hi All,

I’ve just booked to do the ‘pyramids & beaches’ tour starting on the 2nd of April…just wondering if anyone else has booked this tour at the same time??

Also just wanted to find out some general feed back from people who have already done this tour…

  1. Is there many hidden cost on the tour…such as activities and entry into places?

  2. i know Breakfast is provided most days…but most other meals need to be paid for yourself…how much money should be allowed for food on this trip

  3. I will be arriving a day before the tour starts and from the feedback i have heard the Indiana hotel sounds horrible…doesn’t anyone has any other suggestions for accommodation?

  4. is there an option to upgrade on the sailing part of this tour? is their toilet/bathroom’s on the sailing boat?

Any general information on this tour would be a lot of help!!
Thanks so much!
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Hi Sim03,

You can find further information about the Pyramid & beaches trip in the pre-departure information and detailed itinerary documents attached to the itinerary page, here:

To give you the best value, we have arranged that an element of your trip cost is paid locally. This amount ($190 USD) is to be paid in cash on day 1 of your trip to your Trip Leader.

The pre-departure document lists loads of important information for your trip, including a price guideline for activities - please have a look. We offer a selection of sightseeing and optional excursions to create maximum flexibility for your particular interests and budget. The prices are meant only as a guide, but they give you a good idea of the funds you may need for your trip.

In regards to accommodation, we have been using the Indiana hotel for a number of years with very few complaints, and while it is a budget hotel, it has proved to be suitable for our trips. If you would like to arrange pre-trip accommodation, please contact our friendly reservations team and they will be happy to help you.

Feluccas are traditional Egyptian sailing boats that have been used as transport up and down the Nile for centuries. A trip on a felucca is particularly relaxing, as it is a simple boat with no engine or modern conveniences. You sleep on cushioned mattresses under a canopy for protection against the elements. Cooking is done on the boat, and is done by the felucca crew. You should be aware that toilet facilities on the banks of the Nile where we stop are minimal. Bring the toilet paper and leave the modesty at home.

Hope this information helps!

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Topdeck Team


Top Deck Team… can you tell me exactly which excursions are included? It says for example in the checklist, visit to the Egyptian museum, Pyramids or Giza, Valley of the Kings etc, and then in the pre trip information it lists the entry prices, does this mean its not included in the tour, and we would still need to pay entry into all of the sites, or just the some optional ones we visit. Its hard to budget when we dont know which ones are optional and which ones are included.

If anyone has been on the tour can help, cheers

p.s Sim03 i’m aussie and going on the same tour, maybe we should meet up