Pyramids & beaches September 23rd 2017


Hello all!
I’m looking at doing the Pyramids and beaches tour in September/October this year. Just wanted to get a feel of how many other people are interested and if they are traveling solo or with a friend or partner.


hi lovely! I’ve been looking at doing this trip in November. I’ve heard its a good trip to do solo so thats what I’m planning if its safe enough to go. its a different type of tour due to cultural differences so I think its something you could appreciate doing on your own to meet new people. :slight_smile:


Heya lovely! I’m looking to do this trip in October too :slight_smile: . Also planning on going solo as I’m sure lots of people will be doing the same.


My partner and I are looking at doing this trip in September/October :grin::grin:


Hey Cheyanne
Me and my partner have booked in the Sep 23 - Oct 7. There is currently just the two of us booked in and we need a min of 6 more people to make it a guaranteed!

Tay :slight_smile:


Hey Taylor,
Yes, that’s when we wanted to go! Should hopefully be booking it very soon


Ruby! You should join our trip on September 23rd!