Pyramids & Beaches anyone


Hi has anyone been on this trip before??? some advice or tips would be great, what optional trips would you have avoided?? plus do u get much free time??? Thanks


Hi Rimmel[br][br]I have replied on a few other tour discussions so maybe read that if you can.[br][br]The only things I can think of at the moment that I would not recommend is the ‘buffett lunch’ which you get in Cairo after the pyrmaids - its not cheap and the food is rubbish, really! The drinks are expensive too so even though there is not much around there is a supermarket which you can get something at.[br][br]Also the farewell/dinner cruise is not worth the money, its expensive and its a free for all. You are on a boat with everyone, we even had a wedding party. The air con was on and it was freezing, (they also still smoke inside there), and the food was not that great - and you had to wait in a queue for a while. The desset kept running out too, and the drinks were also REALLY expenive, for example you can buy a Fanta for Egytian Pounds 3 and on there it was 20 - a real rip off.[br][br]Re free time, yes, you do get quite a bit, but it also depends if you do all the optionals or not too. [br][br]Hope that helps.[br][br]Have a good time.