Pyramids & Beaches - 4th November 2017


Hi guys! Just wondering if anyone else has booked or looking at booking this tour? :slight_smile:
Travelling solo from Australia


I am ! From Sydney :slight_smile:


I am ! booking in for Nov 4th tomorrow! :slight_smile:


Oh good! This is so exciting!!


I’ve booked in! from little old Tassie heading in solo too


Anyone from Brisbane?


I’m from Victoria, cannot wait for this tour :slight_smile:


I really want to book this trip! You girls are giving me more confidence to book solo. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m from Sydney and have booked this trip, solo :slight_smile:


So glad there’s a few solo females going on this trip :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m thinking of booking the Nov. 4th date too - female travelling solo.


are you girls arriving on the day or a day before? I’m looking at booking flights this week :+1:t3: Is anyone doing the Dubai stopover or interested in doing it? Extra $300 for 3 days!


I’ve booked in. I’m arriving on the day of the tour and leaving at the end. Going to spend two nights in Abu Dhabi as my stop over, it’s gonna be amazing! I really want to book a hot air balloon ride at Luxor, my travel agent I can do it without affecting the rest of the planned activities but it’s best to organise it with the tour guide. Does anyone else want to do this?


I have a feeling that the hot air ballooning is an optional activity, but it’s not listed because it’s so unpredictable! Don’t take my word for that though, but I’m really keen on doing it as well! :slight_smile:


Yeah I know they used to do it. I won’t book it ahead just incase more people want to join in as well :slight_smile:


Hello :slight_smile:

Thinking of booking this trip 4-18 Nov right?
Travelling solo from UK, wanted to ask if anyone had travelled with top deck before?


Hey, I’ve booked this trip and have done Europe with Topdeck before. Make sure you save money for all the optional activities, these usually fill most of the days :slight_smile:


Hi Melissa,

Thanks, gonna book this week- eek so excited.
How much would you recommend for spending money?



I’m thinking around A$1500 and I think that will be generous. The hot air balloon will be around $200 – very excited to do this!


Looking at booking for 2018. From New Zealand. :slight_smile: